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12-06-2015, 16:28
Anyone got a cure for stuttering in the game ?
Frame wise is ok it fluctuates from around 60 to 80 but the stuttering is a joke ......

12-06-2015, 17:30
Is this with v-sync on?

12-06-2015, 17:34
No , v-sync is turned off ........

12-06-2015, 18:58
turn on

12-06-2015, 19:42
Ok, I`ll try it ...

14-06-2015, 16:06
Nope ,still getting stuttering and spoiling the game , the FPS jump from around 54 to 65 and all over the place !!
Any ideas ?
Or is this still the AMD driver problem ?

14-06-2015, 17:39
Multi-GPU (or multi-card) setups used to stutter a lot. LFS stutterd heavily on 3870X2 even though it shown ~100 FPS pretty much all the time. I hoped they worked it out by now but who knows. Try disabling Crossfire/SLI mode and see if it helps. If yes - there's your culprit.

14-06-2015, 17:46
Cheers I`ll try that ...
Let ya know how I get on ..

14-06-2015, 17:47
What graphics settings are you using in the game?

14-06-2015, 17:52
This is 10 times worst after Patch 1.4, it only happens online and its not the join freezes ( honestly those exist since forever in gMotor based games, seems they replicated that very well ) , its absolutely dreadfull Stuttering with the CPU on low usage and the GFX Cards also, dont get it... inittialy before patch 1.4 some of it was reduced by Jitter Tweak, now nothing works... Stutter is completely random and worst then ever ....

14-06-2015, 21:09
I`ll post all my graphic settings tomorrow ....


14-06-2015, 22:38
I know it sounds weird but set motion blur to medium or high and set render frames ahead to 2 or 3. Its as smooth as silk for me with those settings. Of course, don't ask your hardware to do things it is not able to achieve. Also as a side note, your profile reads that your CPU is 3.6 mhz. I can only assume this should read GHz. This sim (apparently) is CPU intensive so bring a few settings down and see what happens. AA is an absolute killer here so turn them to low and work up as needed. Turn all of the AMD graphic desktop settings to default and adjust what you need in game. Hell, here is my breakdown..

Visual FX settings - Not massively important to frame rates but leave raindrops, lense flare and heat haze OFF..They are artificial add ons. You can also leave screen dirt off if you wish as i've personally never seen what it does. Crepuscular rays (or whatever it's called) is a personal preference. No particular hit on CPU or GPU but it feels a bit like lens flare. Slightly artificial. Would you really get this in the cockpit of a car? I think not. But it is a nice effect nonetheless.

For the intensive stuff...Performance!
Texture resolution, mainly for car sponsors really. Medium to high.

Texture filtering, don't go too mad but look out for horrible LOD lines on the track surface and adjust.

v-sync. Yes.

Anti -aliasing, FXAA and SMAA. BANG!! Huge blow on performance! Take time to adjust these.

Reflections, Mainly in windows, bodies of cars and puddles. Will you really notice ULTRA reflections at 160mph in last place at green hell...40 seconds behind everyone else? Experiment.

Environment map, seems to be tagged to reflections. Set this to high (or Ultra) or however you think you need to see it in other cars.

Car Detail, this is what it's all about!!! High or ultra. Anything lower is a crime!!!

Track Detail, the difference between high and ultra is animated waving flags as far as I can tell. Set to medium or high but watch out for missing trees in spa and Nordschliefe. If it looks strange, i.e you can see the far horizon where there should be trees, up the setting.

Shadow detail, another FPS killer. set to medium or high. It's a difficult one coz shadows means depth and depth is very important here. Adjust until it feels right. Go ultra if you have too.

Motion Blur, for me, it was a delight. Not much difference between medium and high (or Ultra if its there). But it definitely began to smooth things out. Very subtle and very cleverly done. Not the horrible Codemasters stuff.

Render frames ahead. Probably steals some CPU cycles but by the gods it's a good way to avoid stutter.

detailed grass, WTF!!! Who cares at 150mph. Detailed grass! Come on...

Particle level and particle density, if you can, set them to high or ultra. This is something codemasters DID get right! I wish the sustain of the particles was longer. You can see the sunlight through the dust on some dry races (awesome), but beware, on high/ultra this will stomp all over the average setup in the rain.

Apex particles, locked for now but be prepared to spend a million pounds on eight thousand nVIDIA Titans to get more than 30fps just to spin the tyres.

My system is pretty poor at the minute, but i'm averaging 42 fps at "the circuit that looks a lot like monaco". I can only assume that it is the most CPU/GPU intensive.

Also, and this may be my only bias opinion, forget xfire/sli. Complete waste of money. spend the excess on a single card.

finally, wait for the AMD patch/driver. It seems this sim is optimized for nVIDIA at the moment. Hopefully, AMD will pull there thumbs out of there bottoms soon and release a decent and up to date driver. (unless it has happened already)

I understand you are getting stuttering rather than loss of FPS but its worth setting everything lower and giving it a go rather than maxing everything out and wondering why. If your memory is mid pace, i.e 1600mhz, this will add to stuttering if you have maxed certain things. Graphic card driver issues also will not help and, as mentioned, this is also a CPU intensive title so 4+ Ghz is going to help as well.

15-06-2015, 01:30
THis is the second game of all i played with sli for example that stutters .....in the beginning of launch battlefield 3 and 4 we had it also read the forums (back) if you didnt played or forget. After the patches and bug resolving we got a nice steady gpu utilisation on sli on those both games. Now by all means this game and especially after the patch 1.4 there is a huge difference in gpu utilisation then before. I did some screenshots from both bf4 and this game and look at the settings, bf4 also FXAA enabled by Nvidia inspector/ nvcplui. This game dont use any of the second GPU in comparison of the first like BF4 and other games that are optimise of SLI which means that both usage must be or almost be the same % wise. ALso i want to mention that if you use SLI the pre-rendered frames must not be 1 but 2 for better results. I did put it on 4 for this now and its a bit better stuttering wise so try that. So dont let us be fooled this is the problem of utilisation....Its clear that also this settup can run this games on eas but we need fixed SLI utilisation patch, which was clear already by the many post that floating around. On the top of the list you see GPU 1 and 2 the second value (%) of each line is the GPU usage (utilisation) by the First GPU has between 98% and 55% depends if vsync is on or off the second GPU is around always 6%.
Without V-sync


With V-sync


Here as comparison BF4 the settings are with 120% resolution scale and also FXAA as mentioned before look at the RAM difference as well but the pictures are made with shadowplay on mid settings so it looks not great but for fair comparion i choose this way;




15-06-2015, 09:52
Many thanks fella , I`ll try all of you
r settings later and let you know how I get on ....

15-06-2015, 15:24
Well I tried your settings and it seems better than it was with only the odd stutter ! , I also turned of crossfire but that made it worse and dropped a shed load of FPS....
I guess we have to wait till AMD get there arse in gear and provide a decent driver or sell my two R9 290`s and buy one nvidia card !!!

17-06-2015, 14:12
Hey, no problem. I was more than a bit inebriated that night so I may have unduly bashed sli/xfire for which I apologise. :s but I am glad the settings have helped. I have just this minute upgraded to a Amd fx8350 and an nVidia gtx 770 and the difference for me is night and day now. Not quite futureproof but okay for now. Once the AMD drivers are sorted, you should totally monster this title. :)

17-06-2015, 16:08
I noticed that I get least stuttering with:
* v-sync on in game
* Pre-Render frames # in game affects stuttering (you have to experiment what is best on your system). When I had only 2 GPUs it was 1 frame pre-rendered was the best (least stuttering, but lower FPS). With 4 GPUs it's is different. This is one setting to experiment with
* -dx11st works smoother than -dx11mt on my system (Steam app launch options).
* Frame Pacing on in Catalyst CP

17-06-2015, 21:06
I noticed that I get least stuttering with:
* -dx11st works smoother than -dx11mt on my system (Steam app launch options).

Could you please be more specific? I couldn't find that option out in Steam settings panel

17-06-2015, 21:24
Could you please be more specific? I couldn't find that option out in Steam settings panel

I am away from game PC, so might be not 100% correct. You can right click on Project CARS in Steam Client, choose Settings. There will be button "Set Launch Options". You can add -dx11st or -dx11mt to see what works better for you.

However, I just noticed you have Nvidia card. From all my experiments and what I've read around, Nvidia supports -dx11mt correctly, whereas AMD minimally to none. So, basically just give it a try, see what works best - AMD or NVidia settings I mention affect smoothness.

See this thread for more http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?23045-Command-Line-Launch-Options and post #22 for good explanation on how to set cmd line params.