View Full Version : Stuck at start screen?? Do this and play again!!

12-06-2015, 18:57
So I had the starting the game issue... Press start open profile, then the game just stays on a loading screen and just spins its wheels (haha had to pun my way there).

So I spent about 3 hrs reinstalling, doing whatever I could to see if it would reset... Nothing.

Sign in as a guest and the game loads just like normal.. just no career anymore.

So u go to games and apps, hit start or select (i forgot which one lol) go to manage game, saved data and delete the entire data. Not just Xbox. It has to delete the cloud data which had been corrupted somehow. Now I deleted the local saved data too. (under settings and then console) but I don't think that's required but I don't think it hurts either, your career is gone now anyways. Do not save anymore replays until the issue is resolved. That seems to advance the problem.

Game on.