View Full Version : Visual Setting Issue - Possible BUG?

12-06-2015, 20:22
PLATFORM = PC (Details in Signature)

Spent literally hours (6+) experimenting with video settings to get good frame rates. This is the issue/BUG;

If I have a certain set of parameters set, then change ONE setting, exit the game, restart the game, it kills the frame rates.

i.e. Getting 90+ FPS, turn FXAA from Off to Low > Exit > Restart and the frame rate is now 20 FPS. Set FXAA back to Off > Exit > Restart and the frame rate is still 20 FPS. Wait an undetermined amount of time or reboot the system, and only SOMETIMES will it go back to the previous 90+ FPS.

It seems to require several attempts at running the program. Occasionally, if I go into the Catalyst Control Panel, change a setting or two on the pCars profile, save then set the settings back to where they were and resave, it helps. Also, I do run AfterBurner but ONLY to manage the fans on my cards. It seems like if I reset and then reapply my profile there it can help too but it's hit and miss.

There's no rhyme or reason to when, why or how this happens. No other piece of software behave like this so I'm quite sure after this many hours of fiddling around that it's pCars specifically.