View Full Version : Rather Pleased!

12-06-2015, 21:30
How perfect could this be, patch released today and I have the day off. Raced all afternoon without one PS4 error. It was so good I dug out my Butt Kicker and hooked it up, made the day even better. I do have one question though, do SMS supply excuses one can give the wife to explain the mess of wires that have invaded the tv room or am I on my own on this one. :) Thanks guys for a patch worth waiting for and a great Friday. Cheers!

13-06-2015, 07:02
Some comon excuses and things i say to my wife in general so i can play

"Love its not just a game, think of my health, racing online is better than risking my life on a real track"

"Love heres 50 go shopping and dont pester me for another week"

"Love im not washing the dishes i didnt even eat my dinner it went cold"

"Love ill take you out this weekend, where you want to go? Normally followed by a trip to a shop and back to Pcars"

"Love isnt "insert tv show here" on tonight that you want to watch"

If all else fails
"Love heres another 50 leave me alone"

13-06-2015, 07:08
I opted for the spineless approach, had it all put away before she walked in the door lol.