View Full Version : circuit de la sarthe/le mans -- break point on last 'straight'

12-06-2015, 22:06
ive never driven de la sarthe before pcars so forgive me for this, im not sure the name of where i am on the track, after mulsanne, theres one more longish (but shorter than the 3 mulsanne is broken into) straight that turns into a very fast righthander. im probably blind but i dont see any meter markers, & the one brake marker i naturally latch onto comes way too late to really be useful (would describe but dont even know what it is, just the 'oh shit' board for me).

are there markers im missing & if not what natural markers do you guys use?

(looking at a map i seem to blot out a straight, i want to say its the 4th after the pit exit but i think its the 5th one, feeding into the porsche curves)

mister dog
12-06-2015, 22:16
http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?25009-Braking-Markers-for-La-Sarthe ;)

12-06-2015, 23:57
I usually start braking right before the black "rubbered in" patch starts right before the turn-in. I could brake slightly later if I'm pushing it, but that usually ends up in me locking up the brakes.

13-06-2015, 00:01
I use no visual marks. Depending on car, I guesstimate how far I am from the corner, lift off or touch the brakes drop a gear and pray I've slowed enough. The next corner is the hard 1. Brake too soon, lose the back end from the fast corner. Brake too late, hello gravel and wall