View Full Version : Assign any button anywhere . No mandatory settings

13-06-2015, 03:05
Assign the button where you want . Press options go to options and your done no mandatory settings required

13-06-2015, 07:06
Confused by this post? Is it a question or statement?

You can assign all buttons anywhere but some are mandatory for example i cant save my config without setting say the kers button

13-06-2015, 07:26
I would suggest a statement. It is correct in what he is saying regarding going back to options, allowing you to bypass the message about mandatory mapping.

13-06-2015, 07:27
The boys not wrong. Forget your circle button.

14-06-2015, 08:44
Statement mate , give it a go.

14-06-2015, 12:48
Ok, I shall give it a go. In button config set up, set whatever buttons you want. Don't worry about not assigning any certain one in particular (kers). When you have finished press the options button and then select options and help. You can then hit circle button and your done. This allows you to exit the config screen and save your particular setup. Hope that made sense.?!

14-06-2015, 12:54
This has been known on all platforms for quite a while but a good refresher for new people

17-03-2018, 15:32
To the developers:
Project Cars 1/2 both have a similar flaw. I played Project Cars 3 hours before removing it from my computer. I purchased project cars 2 at the insistence of several of my online driving friends in hopes that the programmers had not continued their inane insistence of mandatory key assignments. I did finish the 6th grade, and then some, and find it particularly annoying that several of my keys are hard coded for my Fanatec F1 Black wheel. As it stands now I simply avoid pressing some of the keys because they don't work the way they should. Finally, if the developers of this otherwise nice little racing game can not imagine me programing my own buttons or provide a complete list of the "hidden" keys and how to reprogram them according to the whims of the user, then I think I will return to my games that in fact allow me to tune my 48 key DSD button box and my 11 buttons on my Fanatec Wheel as well as the 2 joy sticks plus program other things I like to do by using Voice Attack.
Yea, I got past blocks by age 4 and I can remember what buttons to push and do not need or want my paddle shifters turning pages for me. I dare you to answer this comment!