View Full Version : This forum...now a pleasure

13-06-2015, 03:08
Congratulations to the Moderators on this forum.

You have now reinforced a gem of a racing Sim with a first rate forum. Why, because you have wielded the axe against those who foul and insult all in sundry for no reason other than to be seen and heard. No one wants to read that rubbish, you can find it readily behind toilet doors and under bridges or cheap games.

Forums should contain constructive criticism. Things the Devs have missed and can be corrected. To insult the game and people has no place in high ended Sims that this now is. I've often read where OP's use the weak excuse that as I've bought it I can say what I like. Certainly, you can say it, but give reason's why you don't like it, so your criticism can be looked at to make the Sim better for all, as we all want to play the best.

Well done Project Cars, you now have the complete package.

Regards to all PC fans.