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13-06-2015, 08:36
The GT Sports Trophy has been created as a place for both sprint and endurance format racing to take place under one roof. Designed specifically for GT3 spec cars, the GT Sports Trophy runs on Project CARS on the Xbox One and features a wide variety of races across some of the best European tracks that can be offered.

The series has been built around GT3 racing, which is a great platform to built off, with fast, well balanced cars that are able to provide close, wheel-to-wheel action all the time, no matter the length or time of the race. The cars are built for customer teams and drivers, and therefore have a perfect balance of performance to race against all other GT3 cars from other manufacturers, whether a driver be a professional works driver, or a gentleman driver looking to spend his weekend away from the business. This makes the competition ideal for all driver abilities as the cars can cater for all.

The GT Sports Trophy is split into two categories; Sprint, and Endurance. The GT Sports Sprint Trophy is a fast-paced series with shorter races. Each race weekend will consist of several Free Practice sessions which are optional for drivers. A qualifying session will set the grid for the first race, roughly 40 minutes long. Race two will be roughly an hour long and the grid will be set according to the results of the first race. The calendar consists of some exciting tracks in Europe, including Zolder, Imola and Brands Hatch, as well as the daunting and exciting prospect of the series finale at the Azure Coast Challenge, for an exhilarating ride around the streets of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. Another point of interest will be the Sakitto Sprint, a one-off round outside of the European borders to add an extra element to the series.

The GT Sports Endurance Trophy consists of one race per event, of much longer timings. As well as practice and qualifying sessions, drivers will have to team up in order to conquer three-hour endurance races that will be demanding on both the cars and the drivers. In addition to the three-hour spectaculars, the Nurburgring 1000km will almost double that race length, and the idea of the Spa 24 Hours is still in development and will be looked into in due course, and would most certainly be the jewel in the crown of the series.

Depending on the numbers and varying abilities of drivers that enter, the GT Sports Trophy will implement a driver categorisation scheme where drivers of different abilities compete in different classes to make it easier for everyone. In the GT Sports Endurance Trophy, there will be Pro class on offer for a team of very fast drivers. The Pro-Am class will be for a team with a mixture of abilities, and the Am class will be ideal for the casual racing squad. In GT Sports Sprint Trophy, since each driver races for themselves and no-one else, the classes available will be Overall, Silver Cup and Bronze Trophy, ranking from fastest to slowest drivers. This makes the series suitable for anyone and everyone.

For all the information, visit our great new site; gt-sports-trophy (http://gt-sports-trophy.weebly.com)

13-06-2015, 08:43
I have a vast experience with race league and lobby hosting. I hosted a DTM league for two years on Forza Motorsport 4, followed by a GT3 league on FM4, then FM5. I also have some experience with hosting lobbies on big sites such as TORA, so I have learned a lot over the years about what makes a good race league on the Xbox, so will be trying to put all of this together in one place to make a great series in the GT Sports Trophy.

Please do take a few minutes to take a look at our website, it may be a simple, free site but we thing it's quite professional too. Thank you all.

15-06-2015, 19:41
We now have three teams and four drivers signed up on the opening day of registration. Still plenty of spaces open in both Sprint and Endurance series, before we start racing in July / August time


18-06-2015, 13:21
10 drivers and 10 teams signed up and ready to go, let's keep the entries coming in. Still no Aston Martin, Ginetta and Mercedes entries, would be great to have all brands represented at least once. Test session planned for next Wednesday evening (7pm BST)

Also, I am looking for a person who signed up a team called First Impact Racing in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, but didn't complete a driver form, so I have no way of finding who it was who created the sign up. If this was you, please contact me. Thank you

18-06-2015, 17:37

My apologies that was me, I have recreated the form except i decided on a different car,
My PC ran out of battery when I was making it the first time, sorry

19-06-2015, 10:21
So, we have a drive available in the #19 BMW Motorsport Z4, Empire Motorsport have a seat open in their RUF RGT-8 GT3. There is also a space for a driver in the #77 Schivelly Racing Mercedes, and I am trying to get one or two drivers in the Audi R8 LMS Ultra

22-06-2015, 17:31
We now have 18 drivers, and hence have decided a second lobby should be opened, rather than turn down the slowest few qualifiers. There will be one lobby for Overall Class, and one lobby for Silver Cup. These will be our classifications for 2015, with Overall being the fastest drivers, and Silver Cup being a group of slightly slower drivers. Depending on numbers and quality of the field, we will also look to open the Bronze Trophy, for those who really are casual gamers and have no interest in working hard to beat the whole field. We still want at least one Audi, one Ginetta and one Mercedes if possible, but signups in any car are welcome. The Bentley is now closed, as all liveries have been taken, and there is only one McLaren left, (#2 Hexis Racing). There are plenty of entries open still for all six other manufacturers.

I am going to try and Live Stream the races, but a race show will be put onto Youtube after every session, so there will be plenty of media coverage on the series.

In the meantime, the 2015 GT Sports Trophy Pre-Season trailer has been released. Enjoy