View Full Version : What is "Brake F" in wheel display (RWD LMP1)??

13-06-2015, 10:10
I have noticed that in the steering wheel display, it stands "Brake F" and "40,0" under it. its in the display witch shows tire and brake temperatures.
What does it mean ??

13-06-2015, 11:24
It means that you can move the brake pressure forward and backward. Move the brake pressure to the rear wheel. Or move to the front wheel;)

Roger Prynne
13-06-2015, 11:33
You can assign buttons/keys to move the brake balance towards the front or rear of the car and it will display these settings in the Motec display.

13-06-2015, 12:02
Okay. Good to know what it means. Thanks !

13-06-2015, 15:00
Be aware that the MoTec is backwards. If Brake F (brake front) reads 40 it is actually 60 front/40 rear. This can be confirmed by changing the bias and observing brake temperature. It is present in all cars that have the MoTec display.

Roger Prynne
13-06-2015, 15:12
^^^ Forgot about that.