View Full Version : Dq after winning race/ low fuel

13-06-2015, 10:57
Hi guys, after winning two races last night on multiplayer ( gt3 oulton park 15 laps, Laguna seca 18 laps) I was disqualified on the standings and didn't get the win. I didn't jump the lights, my race engineer wanted me to come in to the pits each race near the end of the race but tyres were still ok fuel was low but I like to run as little fuel as possible crossing the line. On the Laguna seca race i ran out of fuel just as I crossed the line, just wanted to know if this is possably a new bug after the new 1.4 patch or am I supposed to have enough fuel to make it back to the pits after winning the race because I definately crossed the line. PSN ellis346 thanks

13-06-2015, 14:18
see discussion here -> http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?26805-DQ-after-finish-due-to-no-more-fuel-%28online%29&highlight=finish+due+fuel+%28online%29

14-06-2015, 12:14
Thanks for the link