View Full Version : Patch 1.4. Still got replay qualifying issue.

13-06-2015, 12:44
If you view the replay of your qualifying session, which I tend to do to see where I went right on a good lap and wrong on a bad one, you get the 'AI Driver, lap times not recorded' (words to that effect) message and my qualifying becomes pointless as I instantly start at the back of the grid not my qualifying position.

This is on single race weekend, at Imola, with identical field of BMW Z4 GT3's x 39, 1 hour qualifying, 50 lap race, no other sessions, if this is relevant. As of yet I haven't tried other combinations of circuit/car because I won't be finished with Imola for a week or so.

Well done on the best racing game I've EVER played, despite various mendable issues that will be sorted I'm certain.

Edit: to say I mean if you view the replay at the end of the session ie before you proceed to the race.

14-06-2015, 15:58
I can second this issue, as I just did the same thing at Road America. I'll try saving the replay and then continue and see if the qualifying time sticks.

Saving the replay and then hitting continue saves the qualifying position. In this particular session.

Will try other scenarios with same conditions and report back.

Tried changing the grid position before selecting qualifying, w/ the same result.

Looks like saving replay before hitting continue is the workaround, for now.
Agreed tdurbo, not a game breaker but, a hassle. ;)

Perhaps you could add "workaround" in the message title, for those it could help. Have a good one.

14-06-2015, 16:05
I'll try saving the replay and then continue and see if the qualifying time sticks.

It stuck for me. So not such a biggie, more of an annoyance. Not a game-breaker at least.