View Full Version : Weather - sync to race not working

13-06-2015, 12:51
When setting a few weather slots and the time progression to sync to race the weather runs at normal speed and not at a rate to fit all the slots into the number of laps

31-10-2015, 18:08
Is this fixed or still not working correctly?

04-11-2015, 15:58
No one? :(

N0body Of The Goat
05-11-2015, 08:36
If you avoid pre-race sessions, "sync to race" weather works, I just did a few thunder> rain> light rain> clear 1-lap races.

I think the feature fails when there are at least some pre-race sessions.

After starting this thread almost 5 months ago, I'm surprised you have not got a comprehensive report for SMS to reproduce. ;)