View Full Version : Bug : PS4 invisible backfire

13-06-2015, 17:01
Hi all. Since release it does that but I thought with 1.4 it would go away. It's not. Maybe it's only on my system or nobody realized it because most people are using cockpit view.

On every cars and every tracks some times the backfires are invisible but we can clearly see the glow on the car. It happens most of the time when you hit the rev limiter.

Here's a clip :


Thanks a lot !

13-06-2015, 23:02
It never happened to anybody here ?

14-06-2015, 21:52
I think that might be sparks from the car hitting the ground, rather than a backfire from the exhaust.

I don't know if you would see the sparks from the outside camera view because it is so close, but perhaps if you looked behind then you might see them?

15-06-2015, 01:44
It's plausible and worth a try ! I'll keep this thread updated when I find out