View Full Version : Project CARS 1.4 - The Phantom Thumb

13-06-2015, 17:22
Earlier today, I decided to give motion control another shot. I spent a little time messing with the configuration (steering only) and since then I've been mostly grinning like an idiot. Muscle memory is yet to catch up however, meaning that my now redundant left thumb continues to aimlessly go for the stick from time to time...

As someone with very little previous interest in this particular feature, I'm now on the road (sorry) to enlightenment. I don't care that I look an idiot with my arms flailing around in front of me - the end result here is an interface that allows the DS4 to do a pretty decent job of simulating a wheel. I can even navigate the Karussell with a relative degree of grace. For a temporary solution until the G29 arrives, this will do nicely.

I've noticed far fewer tearing issues and more stable frame rates - things are generally running much more smoothly and predictably across the board, and with the temporal slider turned to zero I no longer get a headache from long sessions.

The improvements are encouraging me to re-try car and track combinations that I had otherwise given up on due to control issues and graphical glitches alike. For me, the update is a real game-changer. Thanks to all at SMS for your efforts. Good work fellas :cool: