View Full Version : SLI New Patch Issues and issues closing application

13-06-2015, 19:22

After the new patch my GPU's are no longer able to operate at 100 or even close to 100%

If you look at the red circled area, during actual racing you will notice that one gpu barely hits 50% while the other is more along the lines of 80%
Temp / CPU / GPU is not the issue. Was working fine with both cards at near max prior to patch.

SLI is enabled of course and no other settings have changed.

Another issue i am encountering is everytime i close the game to change graphics and i attempt to restart the game i get an Error stating "Failed to start game (App already Running)". I looked within the task manager and did not see any executables related to pcars. The only way to resolve this issue is to force kill steam.

13-06-2015, 20:44
Weird weird I can personal confirm that I get more better and stable fps online now.