View Full Version : How to find out what patch version is installed?

13-06-2015, 20:52
How do you tell what version the game is currently patched to in the game? (on XBox primarily, but I assume this would be platform independent)

There is no indication anywhere in the (somewhat godawful) menu system that indicates what patch version is installed, or what changes have recently been implemented.

01-07-2015, 09:03
Surprised no one can answer this?
I too am flabbergasted that I have no ruddy idea what version is on my Xbox one?

Ian Bell
01-07-2015, 09:05
It's been answered about 15 times. That's why this request is probably being ignored.

The post is also from someone calling themselves "Forza' and saying our menu system is godawful.

Thread closed. Try harder.