View Full Version : On Startup Black Screen, Not Responding, Eyefinity Issue Possibly

13-06-2015, 21:13
System: AMD 1090T, MSI R9 290X, 8Gig Ram, 4 Monitors Total (3x1 with one center top, 22", 28" UW, 22")

Issue: Click the game and it starts to load. All three screens change to black and then nothing. Open up Task Manager and it says PCars is not responding.

Line of events and tests:
1. PCars ran the first time I started it up with Eyefinity with all three monitors. Played a few games and quit. The next day I loaded it up by accident in single screen/Non-Eyefinity mode and it loaded, then closed and enabled eyefinity and then opened up the game again and this black screen stuff started happening.
2. PCars will run in single monitor mode but switching to Eyefinity and changing the resolution in game requires a restart and then the black screen loads and it stops responding.
3. Tried rebooting and same thing.
4. Made sure as minimum amount of programs were running. Killed as many processes in the Task Manager as I could.
5. Disabled the Steam Overlay
6. MSI Afterburner is not installed
7. Deleted PCars from Steam and the directory and re-downloaded and installed. Same thing.
8. Checked drivers and all are up to date

14-06-2015, 01:03
Fixed it. After a couple tries of things online and searching through I got it. I had changed the video settings the first time I ran the game but didn't restart the game to have the settings take affect. I'm not sure which setting it was that screwed it up and I may go through and try and find out one by one but I changed from the SFAA to FXAA and DX2M or something like that. Also all Ultras down to High. I also tried letting the Black Screen stay open once because I saw some network traffic when it was open. It eventually closed and I got an Unhandled Exception error. After searching that I found the long thread and the last post on it mentioned somebody changing between three monitors and one and different graphics settings.

14-06-2015, 01:38
Did some testing. It's the AA being set to DS9X. If I lower it down to DS6X then the game loads. All other settings have been set back to Ultra and SMAA back up. Probably have to turn them back down for low frames I'm thinking but at least the game loads now.

14-06-2015, 02:31

I had really low frames with Ultra, High, and Medium settings. Upon lowering my settings to Low and other AA settings lower THIS HAPPENED. It looks like a fog of neon greens/yellows, blue, and pinks. These screen caps are from a solo session loaded up, started, and through a few corners. It gets worse as game play goes longer but goes away in the menus. Post up when I find out what exact settings caused this neon funkiness.


14-06-2015, 02:56
After many restarts of the game and more loading of races......

With all of the settings on low or medium and the Anti-aliasing DS4X the game looks fine but if you switch it to DS2M then you get that weird bloom/neon fog stuff.

14-06-2015, 03:03
The MSAA based modes will create that effect (MSAA, DS2M, HIGH) on AMD based video cards.

14-06-2015, 03:04
Lowering down to DS2X on AA doesn't do the bloom/neon affect, only DS2M. All other settings don't seem to have any affect but not all combinations tried.

14-06-2015, 03:05
Thanks Mahjik for the infos. :)

14-06-2015, 03:08
No problem. It's noted on their beta driver page (for reference for anyone else who many find or read this thread):


[419945] Project CARS: Corruption may be observed if Anti-Aliasing is set to DS2M when run in Crossfire mode. As a workaround we suggest using a different Anti-Aliasing method.

14-06-2015, 14:47
Oh yeah. Just to add since that note says in Crossfire mode. I just have a single card running, no crossfire.

N0body Of The Goat
14-06-2015, 15:03
DS2M gives "disco lighting" on single AMD cards too, despite the AMD driver notes.