View Full Version : In-car camera problem

MVG Saint
13-06-2015, 21:42
Hi everyone. All of a sudden, I have been having a problem with some of the camera views in the game. Such as the helmet cam is floating in mid-air! Is anyone else suffering from this glitch?


Many thanks :)

Roger Prynne
13-06-2015, 21:57
Already been mentioned and in the known Issues.... Thanks anyway.



13-06-2015, 22:47
To fix this enable the "-devcameras" switch and then launch the game. check the views then exit, then remove the switch and reload the game. Now cycle the views again, My friend had this and this solution worked.

MVG Saint
14-06-2015, 18:04
Thanks for the reply, Mturner. I've tried adding this "switch" and then firing the game up, but to avail. It's seems to be a problem with the Renault Clio Cup car........and it's my favourite, as well :(

14-06-2015, 18:16
Have the same problem in the Merc sls. Strange as only this car. Was ok, started after first career race in it at Road America. Other cars are ok.
btw...mind your head when going under bridges.