View Full Version : Lotus more easy to drive after patch

13-06-2015, 22:57
Before patch it was really difficult to arrive before the first 10 drivers with AI 80%.
After the patch I give a lot of seconds to the second driver either with lotus 72d or 49.
Furthermore, the CPU is slow than before.
What's happened??

14-06-2015, 00:28
You can see the 72D was updated in the recent patch:


14-06-2015, 13:12
I think this is the way to go. Also the lotus 49 AI is now closer to the human skill, I'm satisfied about it.
It would be nice if AI should require the same skill for all the cars classes.
Actually some classes were to much hard to play while others were too much easy.
Btw, the AI remains (imo) the main aspect to work on for the future patches