View Full Version : Will we ever get GM/CHEVY in this game?

13-06-2015, 23:36
Why fords and no GM/CHEVY'S. Fords without Chevy's to compete against is a real Shame~~~~Gotta get the BOWTIE guys!

14-06-2015, 00:38
How is it a shame? You didnt explain the reason? And i guess we will have to see what SMS DLC's include..

14-06-2015, 00:46
There are no Chev's because they didn't want to make the Fords look bad

14-06-2015, 01:00
I'm guessing we'll see at least a GT class Corvette. There's a Corvette logo on a banner at Road America...

14-06-2015, 01:41
Chevy is a sponsor of RoadAmerica, and their licensing requires track sponsors to be duplicated in-game. Not to say Chevrolet won't come into the game some day, but you can't make any assumptions from that banner.

14-06-2015, 02:02
it DID work as a goodluck charm for kunos with lamborghini tho :cool:

14-06-2015, 02:16
It seems that project cars has a harder time getting approval from certain manufactures when other games seem to have not a problem. Iracing has all main manufactures but it did take some time for them to get Toyota. I don't know if iracing has something to do with project cars not getting Toyota and Chevy due to the sponsorship they have with NASCAR. Im willing to bet if project cars does get that approval iracing will be know more. Maybe some inside conspiracy going on who knows.

14-06-2015, 02:20

14-06-2015, 04:47
While it doesn't carry a huge amount of weight, this thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?30503-Just-noticed-that-SMS-also-are-making-a-game-called-World-Of-Speed-With-an-open-beta&highlight=world), indicates that SMS is/has indeed communicated with Chevrolet. Whether or not they have about including vehicles in PCars? We'll just have to wait and see. 8)