View Full Version : Question on steering wheel impact on cars

14-06-2015, 00:28
Hello all, just came here to ask something about the general car on steering wheel behavior

Consider yourself in the scenario of a Steering wheel with full force feedback support, against yourself in a real car.

When you approach a 90 degrees turn, at a high speed, anything higher than 120km/h and you *dont* break enough to reduce the speed for proper turning, *IF* you try to turn your steering wheel *entirely* (anything higher than 600 degrees) in reaction to try to turn your car the most possible (as any common reaction of any casual person who tries to play a game), I get the following idea:

1. Real car: By turning your steering wheel entirely, your car starts spinning and crashes horribly.

2. Sim-game car: The car simply understeers and you go out of the track, eat all the grass that follows until you hit the closest wall.

So, my question is, am I wrong on my comparison? I think that, approaching at high speed, force feedback *should* endure and avoid you from completely turning the steering wheel, by feeling tougher and heavier, and *IF* you override this strength, actually the car should start spinning side ways. But it seems *all* the racing game have this wrong, you can turn your steering wheel how much you feel like, and still the car simply understeers.

14-06-2015, 00:48
It really all depends on how much (front) grip you do or don't have. If you are going so fast that the front tires cannot grip, then you will just understeer. However, it is possible then to have snap oversteer. What happens is that the car starts to understeer so the driver turns the wheel more. The steering is now at a very high angle, but the car is still plowing forward. As the car scrubs off speed, the front will eventually grip again but the will will be at a large angle. This will swing the back around around quickly and give you snap oversteer.