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14-06-2015, 03:04
After watching a lot of Project Cars videos, both before release and still to this day, I decided to start my own YouTube channel.

I am new to the whole YouTuber thing and will honestly say my videos aren't the best quality when it comes to editing or trying to think of things to say. Right now I have a pretty basic camera and use a headset for voice audio which isn't the best quality, but will be upgrading them soon. I also do all the talking while the video is being recorded, as you can tell since I record myself driving at the same time. I only have a few videos uploaded so far but will be uploading them more consistently once I get a better cam/mic. I will also be branching out a bit and do some reviews of my rig and wheel setup once it all arrives.

If anyone is interested then either click the link in my sig or click here -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw04rOD85jNGIyKNsQFkzrw

I fully understand the low quality compared to all the other big YouTubers right now but hopefully that will change soon. I also appreciate and encourage any feedback you may have, both positive and/or negative.

Thanks and I hope to see you all on the track!!!