View Full Version : PIT Stop ?!!

14-06-2015, 17:09
Sorry I'm seriously frustrated about this... Can anybody explain me how the F***?! My cars is driving in circles know since I don't know with the strategy menu open and what ever I click nothing happens...

14-06-2015, 17:23
Did you request a pit stop?

14-06-2015, 17:25
Well it doesn't seem to matter... Initially I had to go there because I wrecked the car...

14-06-2015, 17:50
Map the request pit stop so you don't have to put when called by your engineer(just ignore the request). It also helps to avoid the "pit occupied" that ends up being a self induced drive though penalty.

14-06-2015, 18:08
I have the button mapped (I assume that's what you meant) but anyway it doesn't matter if I request the pit stop or called by engineer. I always end up in the strategy menu, not knowing what to do next.... If I click close the car doesn't get mended, I don't want to edit the pit-stop settings because they are as I want them, switch driver is disabled..... WHAT?! I'm running a Time trial maybe that's the issue?

14-06-2015, 20:01
I don't think one can pit in Time Trial.