View Full Version : Weird bug report during a race

14-06-2015, 18:10
Weird bug during a Le Mans race today (PS4 with patch 1.4)!

So I was driving the RWD LMP1 and was on 1st position at lap 16/20 when at full speed in Mulsanne Straight the car suddenly stopped as if it has hit an invisible wall!
No damage or crash sound, the car kind of jumped a little bit into the air but I was able to downshift and use the rear shift to get out of this invisible wall and continue the race.

But at this point I lost ALL of my force feedback (T300RS), the wheel had no more FFB as if it was a basic wheel.

Very very weird bug and a little bit frustrating because I lost the race after 1 hour of hard fight :(

Hope it helps!

14-06-2015, 18:15
Watkins Glen, Mustang Cobra, 25 Laps. Same issue on lap 21...
That was long time ago, before the patch. Had other races on the same track/car, but it did not happen since then...

As Forest Gump said: like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get !!!