View Full Version : Crashes related to controller?

15-06-2015, 01:20
I am a TX wheel user. I just got one of those stereo chat adapters to play online and fired up the controller for the first time with the wheel at the same time. Sure enough I started experiencing my first major glitches and even after clearing the persistent storage and restarting the console my data got corrupted and I had to delete everything.

I'm just wondering if it's related because it's a hell of a coincidence.

15-06-2015, 05:51
Turned off the controller and was able to play for a few hours without incident.

BG Hainesy
15-06-2015, 06:12
Think that was just a coincidence, I use the TX and have the controller on (with the chat adapter for my X41's) and its only crashed on me once. The only problem I had was issues joining parties which was solved by signing in and loading the game with the controller and only then turning on the TX.