View Full Version : Going From a g27 will the 458 wheel for xbox one really disappoint me

15-06-2015, 02:09
Tomorrow marks the day I go and buy an xbox one wheel and going from a g27 which to me is the holy grail of wheels to the 458 scares me any other players miss the force feedback or is there anything I should know before making the move thanks so much mates

15-06-2015, 08:53
If you aren't going for the TX 458, you will miss the FFB, its the FFB that makes the game in my opinion.

15-06-2015, 09:27
And if its the tx its loads better than the g27

PJ Dunham
16-06-2015, 07:55
the 458 ITALIA TX kills the G27 in EVERY area ( besides pedals unless you upgrade the to T3P unit )( Personally I use my Fanatec Clubsports via a Basher board to keep my loadcell brakes and clutch pedal and yes works on Xbox also )
Upgrade Rims highly recommend the Ferrari F1 rim, heaps more buttons rotators and switches to map controls to
100% better FFB
Adjust Rotation and Sensitivty on the Fly ( useful on XBONE )