View Full Version : Sound problems in chase cam view

15-06-2015, 06:02
Ok i been playing the game since launch using a ps4 gold wireless headset. The engine sounds have always sounded like electric cars more of a whining sound than the sound of a roaring engine.

I thought this was my headset but last night it was bugging me so much i put the sound through my tv, same sound issues. I switched the camera view to bonnet cam and or internal cam and the roar of the car came to life.

I drive mostly GT3 cars mclaren and aston martin. Has this been reported already? Im going to do some more testing today and try to uplaod some video of the sound. ill try some different cars and compare.

I know helmet cam is muffled on purpose but is chase cam deliberatly altered also?

15-06-2015, 06:34
It shouldn't be. With chase came you should get the full sound of the exhaust roar.I know many people have reported sound issues but I have never experience this. What I do have issue with is that the sound samples used (which are very good i must add) can be clearly heard looping and this is very disappointing.

15-06-2015, 07:09
I just tried replicating the problem for the last half hour or so and cant get it to be as bad as i found it last night.

I think i will wait until tonight when i race with a full grid and see if that has anything to do my sound issues.

I tried starting pcars with headset on then turning it off in the race, i tried starting multiple races, different tracks but just couldnt get the horrible sound i experienced last night.

The only way i can describe it was my car sounded like an electric car with no roar of an engine but when others were near me i could here there engines much louder than mine and even they sounded wrong.

Hopefully only a small bug but i think ive had it a few times and at first thought it was my headset so will now monitor and try to record the issue if it happens again :)

15-06-2015, 08:21
Sure it's not tiredness or driving a particular car a lot then switching to something else? Was it Online? Could have been a bad lobby?

15-06-2015, 10:45
It was online, I was hosting with a full grid. We was all in GT3 cars racing around Hockenheim GP.

I have always thought there was a slight issue with audio but like I say, I put it down to headset being crappy and couldn't produce the nice roars of the engines (Bass/Treble) issues maybe with my headset.

Last night was the first time I couldn't cope with it, I could barely here my engine to the point I didn't know when to shift gears so quickly whipped off my headset and turned up the TV. The sound through the TV was the same and lasted the entire 20 lap race. The best description I Can give is "Electric Cars" hardly any sound but make a bit of a whizzing/humming kind of sound when picking up speed. So hard to describe.

Maybe this extreme was a one off (Hopefully for my own sanity) but if it happens again I will definitely try and record it so the dev's can hear it and maybe replicate / fix it.