View Full Version : [KNOWN] Brake light reflections for all cars?

15-06-2015, 15:08
I love the new update and i like the new graphical update for the ps4 when you brake you can see a reflection on the road. However, when on formula cars or cars with no breaking back lights, the red light still reflects from the floor even though the car has no break light at the back. maybe, it isn't a huge problem but it slightly kills the immersion, nonetheless, an awesome update.:D

15-06-2015, 15:10
Yes, I definitely agree, there shouldn't be break lights on the open wheel cars.

Umer Ahmad
15-06-2015, 15:10
yup, known issue. We reported it prior to release for the formula cars and it was acknowledged and to be fixed.

15-06-2015, 15:28
I noticed the break lights reflecting off the road for the first time after 1.4. I had seen it on videos from PC before release. I'm glad they optimized the code enough on PS4 for us to get it. Yet another nice touch.

15-06-2015, 16:00
Im sure F1 cars use the back light for slow traveling vehicle, fault, wet weather, poor visability, and when the vehicle is harvesting energy (usually done in the braking zone under braking) and/or when fuel saving modes are engaged similar to lifting and coasting to warn other drivers behind etc ...

Therefore, is there a benefit in removing it?
F1 cars do have a flashing red light under braking, fuel saving mailings similar to lifting and coasting etc ... so would removing this effect be accurate? Is it not better to just make it flash?

15-06-2015, 19:25
Got my first looks at headlights reflecting in the rain yesterday. Stunning. I think its awesome we can get these kinds of graphical updates post launch especially knowing they didn't have to do it.