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15-06-2015, 17:51
Hello friends have researched and found nothing about my doubts:
1 was run with the Pagani Zonda and there are 3 tire options, P Zero P Zero Corsa ep Zero Tropheu. But there is no information about them, how will I know which is the best? If I let the "automatic according to the climate" option which tire he will use?
The same thing happens with other cars, the Focus appeared three tires, Faretti track, UHP Summer and one I forgot, how will I know? the game should I spend more information about it.

And another question is about the temperature of the engine, already saw some cars gives to clearly see the pointer on the panel marking the temperature, but not in others, how will I know if a motor of a GT3 car is close to the limit?

15-06-2015, 18:09
In GT3 look for the MOTEC page with temps.

Umer Ahmad
15-06-2015, 18:13
Tyres information here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?27185-GOOD-INFO-INSIDE!-tyre-wear&p=971606&viewfull=1#post971606)

15-06-2015, 18:22
The Trofeo is a true track tire (but not slick). The Corsa is probably an intermediate and the regular P Zero is just a good street tire (maybe full wet in the game?). http://www.pirelli.com It would be good to know for each car what the mapping is from tire model, which you select in tuning, to med/soft/int/wet, which you select in the pit strategy. It would also be nice to know what tire is actually on the car so that your pit strategy can select the correct tire when you pit.

15-06-2015, 19:33
In GT3 look for the MOTEC page with temps.

can you explain please right, I mapped the square button on my steering wheel to motec, but in the car I do not see anything changing? or was within the telemetry screen?

Umer Ahmad
15-06-2015, 19:39
Only some cars have MOTEC, it is a LCD screen above the wheel. Mostly race cars like GT3/4/LMP2/1

Other cars you will have to use the HUD screen, HUD screens is available on all cars (but does not show water/oil temps, only shows brake+tyre)

15-06-2015, 19:49