View Full Version : We do need some things but by the way its real good

15-06-2015, 19:11
So first i must say i am german und i hope you understand what i mean. I have a long time driven Forza and many other Racing Games but this one now make me happy. I started with the xbox Version but then i bought the ps4 and only i Play this game since the patch 1.4. But we still need some things or i did not find it.

1. Pitstop Crew
2. Pacecar with Lighs maybe Grid Girls :acne:
3. An Option to drive in the Box not make a Pit Stop
4. Endurance Race Save Function when i drive ito the box like in GT5
5. Statistic how many miles driven.
6. Weather in Carreer on/off or maybe does it Rain or the Sun is shining during the Race
7. The Garage and the Presentation isnt good you canot see the car perfectly, the same in the menu
8. An Option the choose the design for the car. You so many wonderful Designs for some Cars but not all. I dont like Street Cars in Silver or what like that. Tuning or Race Replicas will be fine.

But now i will drive my Career and hope for the patch 1.5.
By the way i bought all Car Packs and i will do that in the future to