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15-06-2015, 19:15
Concept: Organised racing on a casual basis :D

I don't really want to get involved in leagues or championships as I travel a fair bit and work can be some very odd hours, however I'd like to do some racing with a bit of structure :)

Goal with this is that missing a race due to other commitments doesn't matter!

When I say organised, I mean a predetermined car or class at a track so people know what's coming and when. This means you get a chance to do a little prep, if you have time like learning the track for example ;)

Why Thursday night? I used to race RC cars on a Thursday evening (until the track got closed down) so it's something I'm used to trying to make time for its as simple as that...

Host: Anyone available for the task, the idea is that there should always be a race lobby open on a Thursday night :)

Race Night:

2 to 3 hours on a Thursday Night.

A host sets up the room with the predetermined race settings, lets people know that they have a lobby ready to go, 8pm would seem as good as time as any to start?

I'm thinking 3 or 4 races of around 20-30 minutes duration, maybe throw qualifying session into the mix for the final race...

The boring stuff, rules and regulations:

Have fun and race hard! Contact is always going to happen, there is nothing much is going to stop that, but like most I am not interested in taking part in a demolition derby. I will simply say treat others on track as you expect them to treat you!!

The only other thing of note in my mind is the the track is one way, and only one way...

Controls: Use what you have got :)

Assists; I am not really fussed what is used in all honesty, if I had to choose 'real' would be my personal preference, but the goal here is fun racing not putting people off!

Damage? Not really thought about it I would generally say no from past experience :o

Me: PSN graveltrap

Speed: Above average, below alien when I can keep it on the track! ;)

I am a grumpy old git that's missing fun online racing! Most of my racing has been done in Gotham and Forza on various generations of Xbox. I have done very little racing of late just odd single make quick match in GT6 which is kind of where this idea has come from ;)

Note: Being grumpy means I will only accept friends request with a message...

Enough rambling from me, if your interested reply in this thread and amongst us we can thrash out the finer details ;)

15-06-2015, 19:16
Current Race Meeting: Ginetta GT4 @ Oulton Park Island Circuit - 3 races of 15 Laps

The Ginetta Power Hour, as the phrase was coined during the last round of the BTCC, brilliant cars on an fun track to drive, overtaking is difficult put possible prime areas being Old Hall Corner and at Island Bend :)

Brian Coombes
15-06-2015, 20:20
I am interested graveltrap,this is the sort of thing I am looking for, as I can not commit always as I have COPD, so it always depends on the day if my breathing is up to racing online as it can be a bit strenuous with a wheel.

PSN GTPZ_Tuscani08

15-06-2015, 21:35
Race details have been added to post #2

I was really tempted to do something very simple to start off with, the Caterham Classic at Brands Hatch Indy, which whilst putting a huge grin on my face by spending most of its time sideways, I was not sure how it would be to actually race or indeed if people would want to race it, so settled on something a little faster and hopefully more appealing ;)