View Full Version : [sms] A couple of issues - car selection and rear view/s - ps4

15-06-2015, 20:30
Apologies if this is already covered elsewhere. A couple of small tweaks that i think would benefit from a fix.

1. If i'm looking at a car in the menu (say the M3), and then choose "info" on that car, when i then go back to the menu, i'm then looking at another car (say the Sauber) and not the one i was originally looking at "info" on. This happens quite a lot, its like it cant remember which car you were originally looking at.

2. When driving, i'll occasionally check the rear view to see where the other cars are. Cars with rear aero wings can show a brief flash of the wing. Its only momentary, but i'm guessing it shouldn't be visible at all.

New patch is ace! Keep up the great work ;)

16-06-2015, 20:16
Wow! Just me then :grumpy:

Gaz B 007
16-06-2015, 21:29
Yeah I've noticed it does a bit of car swapping in the menu, can't say it bothers me too much though to be honest.
As for the wings I haven't noticed that at all. I'll keep my eye open for it next time I play.
One thing i have noticed lately is when I close up to the car in front and the brake lights are shining straight through the dashboard of my car, it's weird.

16-06-2015, 21:36
Its odd the different things we notice. I've not had the brake-light thing happen, but will keep an eye out for it.

The car menu thing is a bit annoying, cos it means i have to scroll through a load of cars to get back to where i was. It must be a simple fix.