View Full Version : If you don't have a wheel your missing out

16-06-2015, 03:28
Even going from g27 on the PC to the $100 458 wheel despite not having force feedback just gave the game a fresh breath of air even though it didn't need it with more then 200 hours logged I feel like its a whole new game anybody still using a gamepad go out there and even start with a $100 wheel it will bring hours of fun also thumbs up to the mates at sms for making a wheel setup so easy :D

16-06-2015, 04:28
+ 1 I agree , like night and day using a wheel compared to a controller .... Immersion + 100


.................... Ummm you are joking about the wheel setup right ? :) ah no ffb .

16-06-2015, 04:32
I posted this in another thread but here...

I have never ever used a wheel before in any racing games (well aside from the crappy ones in arcades or bowling alleys), and it has changed the experience. While I was contemplating I just thought I'll stick with the pad to save money. But now that I got it and experienced it, it's on a whole 'nother level. I'm not saying you can't be consistent, or fast with a controller. Hell, I think I'm still faster at Laguna with the Z4 with the pad. But now when I race the 40 something lap races, my lap time at the 35th lap is still within a tenth of my lap time from lap 4. And when I mess up at lap 38, it is because I thought I can make that corner with the same speed that I did 35 laps ago with good tires, instead of my hands cramping up with the pad.

16-06-2015, 04:38
Well since I already have the g27 for the PC I have had the finest "to me" wheels that I can have so just a cheap wheel for use with project cars is all I needed

16-06-2015, 06:00
I really wanna get a wheel. But last night I had a frustrating 4 hours online. At the end of the night, I thought.. getting a wheel for 350 euros + a wheel stand for 150 (total of 500 euros.) Then jut being rammed and ending up second to last frustrated to hell....

Meeh... save the money. But most of the time I really want one.

Olijke Poffer
16-06-2015, 06:10
Yeah same for me atm. I really want to buy a Thrusmaster TX wheel but the price tag still keeps me from hitting the pay button. €319 wheel + €125 wheel stand pro. Still is a massive €444. A lot of money for racing laps around a track despite it is a great game.

16-06-2015, 06:10
Get the wheel man it is totally worth it and getting rammed and shunted down to 2nd last isn't the end of the world you can still fight your way back up.
Most of the guys that ram you are not very good and you will pass them before the race is over if you stick with it .

16-06-2015, 06:21
Why I like controllers... :)