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16-06-2015, 08:17
Hi Guys

Just joined the forums, so far loving the game, simply can't stay off it!

I just need a little advice.

What procedure have you been doing to make sure that your tuning/ffb settings are updated in career mode? I realise there is a bug awaiting a fix but for the time being has anyone come up with any kind of work around?

So far my procedure has been to take my career car to 'free practice' (outside of career), tweak my ffb to my liking and 'save to all circuits'. I then take the car (still in free practice outside of career) to the track I'm going to be racing and tweak my setup. I then save that setup in my garage to only that track and make sure it is loaded up.

Then...returning to career mode my new setup is there. It does however return to my 'all tracks' save once I go back to pits, which means if I want to change fuel load or add a bit of wing etc I need to exit career and change it in 'my garage' and re-save to the specific track again. Load up, and return to career etc. This means that I'm effectively restarting that particular session every time I do this.

Am I going about this in a seriously complicated way just to get round this bug?

Any advice on this would be fantastic

Thanks in advance

xbox one - Thrustmaster TX - T3PA - TH8A

16-06-2015, 09:26
Having the same problem as do many.
After i made my setup in practice like you i save it to the track i need it for.
I also write it down - so after i go to carreer do my practice to see if that setting is to my liking and want to change somethng.
If not i go back to pit and :apologetic: yes i do have to put the settings back to what i wrote down plus i change what i think i needed.

If im reasonably sure that thats all i want to change i go back on track and stay there until end(sometime i speed up time so theres only 1 or 2 min left). I go to qualify and i still got that settup i had wen i was on track.
Thats the only thing that worked for me.
Once you got the tune you want stay on track until time runs out.
I find this bug really annoying and time consuming.

16-06-2015, 11:37
Yeh, thanks Lexters

Its a shame that, might try writing stuff down too.


17-06-2015, 00:36
A have a problem with my save game, yestarday, after the e3 conference, the live is down, and i go play, and the game just be reset, no save, first, i think, this is cause by live issues, and today, i try again and still have a no save game, i go in my games and app, manage, and my save game still there, whats happening? how i solve this problem? thank you, and sorry for my english.