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16-06-2015, 12:51
As most of you probably k is, multiplayer can be full of people trying to ram you off the road and simply using you as a brake which is really annoying but not much we can do about it right now except wait until the rammers get bored and move on to black ops 3.

Anyway, I normally start from the somewhere near the back of the grid (mostly because my qualifying time us not great, my race pace is decent enough, but qualifying is something I've never been very good at) I always figured I could avoid the inevitable first corner incident and then start racing but that's not been the case so far as as soon as I get by the rammers, they ram me going into the next corner (I guess because they dont get a penalty for ramming). So I was wondering if it got any better the further up the grid you are?

16-06-2015, 14:38
I can certainly confirm it gets better at the front.
3 times in a row I raced on Nordschliefe the other day, and every time it 'randomly' put me on pole (there was no qualy).
Every race me and the other 2-3 drivers near the front 'escaped' the first bend carnage and had some great racing.
The rest clearly weren't so lucky, miles behind after crashes.
Every race.

Being in the middle of the field is better than at the back (as you're just too far back really), just be REALLY cautious on the first few bends and go past everyone else crashing off.
Only yesterday starting 12th on the grid at Donington National (very short track!), with only 5 laps - I came 2nd and got some very good racing in.
It's just clearing the first carnage that needs some skill and sometimes certainly luck as well.

From my limited online experience in this game, I would say public's are VERY good compared to other games.
Most people just want to race.
Some haven't got the hang of that yet - they don't mean to smash people off.

I've only seen 1 person deliberately blocking the track in many many hours online.

16-06-2015, 15:54
Well I usually am pretty cautious at the start of the race but I still wind up getting hit. Maybe I'm being too cautious.

Here's a typical example of what happens when I start at the back and this is what happened yesterday. I started at the back of the grid on monza, got a pretty good start and managed to get past 2 or 3 people going in to turn one as a wreck happened, and I was going pretty well until I got to the first chicane where someone in a McLaren decided that they didn't like their brake pedal anymore and decided to use me instead.

So there I was sitting in last place again, anyway I overtook this McLaren again on the back straight and as I got to the chicane again he decided to run into the back of me to slow himself down which put me way off track.

I guess I'll have to work on my qualifying time, I'm suffering from Kimi Raikkonen disease right now I think!! Lol.

At least the rammers will be gone in a few months......

17-06-2015, 09:27
I do everything I can to get pole to avoid the T1 mayhem.. that is all that is motivating me in qualy... not being the fastest because I want to be the fastest but being the fastest so I dont get caught up in the mess.

17-06-2015, 11:31
I don't think they are all out of control rammers at the back. Many appear to be self-styled "driving gods" who think setting a qualifying time is beneath them. Hence they start at the back (in my opinion anyone without a quali time should be automatically disqualified) and deliberately nudge their way up the field, that being the quickest way of catching up with the front guys. Why waste time waiting for a suitable overtaking opportunity (and against me there are many) when they can just nudge the slow guys aside?!

Maybe I'm just cynical ...

17-06-2015, 11:34
It can be hit or miss..... Starting at the back one controls the ability to clear the mayhem. However, those caught up in the mayhem go hell bent to catch up, one can just as easily get whacked after clearing the start mayhem.

17-06-2015, 11:40
HeH, like I said though, qualifying is just not my thing. I suck at qualifying, I think I end up over driving the car and get a slow time as a result. It's just something I need to work on.

17-06-2015, 12:27
I've see worse blocking in other games, I think in this game they are so bad they just can't do it very well si it isn't much of an issue.

I did have a good race last night two of us were battling the whole race then we caught half a dozen back markers having there own race but everyone seemed to move out the way and the battle continued.

Whoever the back markers were thanks for not ruining a good race.

17-06-2015, 21:46
I ignore the racing line for the first few corners. It's all about survival ;)

17-06-2015, 22:25
You cant hide from wreckers.
They will find you!