View Full Version : A few suggestions.

16-06-2015, 20:37
Have some suggestions that might make the game better than it already is!
1. When backing out of a lobby it should go back to the lobby list instead of race central.
2. Could the lobby's have icons to say what it is without having to enter then exit if it isn't your cup of tea.
3. An option for mandatory pit stop during online race.
4. A faster fuel flow like the tyres?
5. A matchmaking system that would help with keeping pros with pros and no0bs with no0bs?
6. A way to mute someone without having to go to pits-lobby board- name - mute. An option in the pause menu would be good.
7. To be able to access options during a race instead of having to exit back to race central.

TheReaper GT
16-06-2015, 20:40
Cmon man, there are threads for sugestions and bug report. Use the search.

Roger Prynne
16-06-2015, 20:46