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16-06-2015, 22:05
Hello fellow racers!

My name is Rob (aka TWEAK DEMON) and I am the Director behind the World Endurance Series based in Project CARS on Xbox Live.

As of right now we are only running GT3, LMP2 and Group 4/5 cars on a wide variety of locations and tracks.

We race with Visual damage and mechanical failures (to compensate for online instability) but run everything else as close to full realism as possible. This series at it's core is designed to be fun and challenging which is why a typical race will have a 30 minute qualifier and an hour or more main race. The rules are very simple and we ask that after round 2 you have selected a car (the paint scheme must not be already chosen) and stick to it for the remainder of the season. Race details are released up to one week prior to start.

We are always welcoming new drivers to the series. All that we ask is that you come with a 35mbps connection or greater (stable), a professional/fun/positive attitude, and conduct yourself on track with good sportsmanship. Any sort of malicious attacking on the track or over comms will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the series permanently. This is not Need For Speed or GTA so do not treat it as such.

Thank you for your time in reading this post and I look forward to seeing some of you on the track. Everyone else is free to post and comment here about the WES as they desire.

World Endurance Series Rules for GTE/GTC/LMP2:
1) Fuel is restricted to a maximum of 40 liters. This includes refueling in the pits. This restriction is subject to change based on location and will be announced during the current race weekend. Infringement of this rule will result in a 15 second time penalty OR automatic Disqualification. No exceptions.

2) Attacking another car in such a way that forces the driver to crash or lose control will result in Disqualification for the first offense. Second offense will result in Disqualification and suspension from the following round. Third offense is an automatic ban from the series.

3) Cutting the track to gain an advantage in a section that is not system monitored will result in a 5 second time penalty to your end race time for every cut that is made. The only exception to this rule is escape roads that do not allow an advantage and are used to avoid crashing into other drivers.

4) Blocking a faster car by means of weaving, cutting off, or brake checking is strictly forbidden. Any unsportsmanlike behavior will be investigated and penalized accordingly to include bans from the series.

Classic Sub-Series Additional Rules for Group 4/5:

1) BMW 320 and Ford Zakspeed Capri Turbo cars are limited to a maximum Wastegate Pressure of 2.0 Bar. This not only allows equal power to weight with the BMW M1 Procar, but also reduces engine wear and fuel consumption. Infringement of this rule is subject to the same penalties as Fuel load limitations outlined above.

2) Classics are allowed a maximum of 50 liters of fuel due to their higher consumption rates than the modern WES classes. Infringement of this rule is subject to the same penalties as Fuel load limitations outlined above.





1) TWEAK DEMON / Von Ryan Racing - #40 RGT-8 GT3 - 83
2) SR71A / Dyson Racing - #88 Continental GT3 - 76
3) Rodimius Prime / Dominum Musk - #57 SLS AMG GT3 - 74
4) ODA Trash / Bentley Team Motorsport - #8 Continental GT3 - 67
5) Zeta Prime / JAE Glass - #5 R8 LMS ULTRA - 60
5) Marksest112 / McLaren Factory Team - #59 MP4-12C -60
6) Made You Leave / Nvidia Racing - #82 Z4 GT3 - 55
7) KRACK MONSTER / Ruf - RGT-8 GT3 - 54
8) Machinegun Knap / Hexis Racing - #1 MP4-12C GT3 - 53

1) Mclaren - 15
2) Bentley - 10
3) Ruf - 8
4) Mercedes - 7
5) Audi - 6
6) BMW - 5



1) KRACK MONSTER - Oreca Nissan #82 - 5
2) TWEAK DEMON - Alpine #36 - 5


2) TWEAK DEMON - BMW Motorsport #6 M1 Procar


World Endurance Series Calendar:
*Dates are subject to change. Red Indicates Completed, Blue Indicates Remaining.*

Round 1 - 6/13/15 - Watkins Glen

Round 2 - 6/20/15 - Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

Round 3 - 6/27/15 - Imola

Round 4 - 7/5/15 - Nurburgring GP

Round 5 - 7/19/15 - Willow Springs
--->Round 1 Classic -7/23/15-Hockenheim

Round 6 - 7/25/15 - Road America
--->Round 2 Classic -7/29/15-Donington Park

Round 7 - 8/1/15 - Mazda Laguna Seca
--->Round 3 Classic -8/6/15-Oschersleben

Round 8 - 8/8/15 - Zolder
--->Round 4 Classic -8/13/15-Zolder

Round 9 - 8/15/15 - Monza
--->Round 5 Classic -8/20/15-Silverstone

Round 10 - 8/25/15 - Bathurst
--->Round 6 Classic -8/27/15-Brno

Round 11 - 9/5/15 - Le Mans 24 hour
--->Round 7 Classic -9/10/15-Le Mans Bugatti - FINAL

Round 12 -9/12/15 - Nurburgring Nordschleife - FINAL

16-06-2015, 22:10
Here is the press release following Round 1's completion. Please note that starting from here on in will be a live twitch feed for every qualifying round and race for those that wish to spectate.


Congratulations to all drivers who made an appearance for the start of the season at Watkins Glen! Before the race began, the Rapa Motorsports #100 Aston Martin V12 Vantage of Krack Monster was withdrawn during practice due to a catastrophic engine failure. The track had to be closed for nearly half an hour as debris and fluids were cleared before qualifying could begin. Krack said it was an unfortunate end to a promising start of the season but assured fans that he would be back for round 2. Rapa Motorsports has had continuous mechanical failures with their Aston's. Driver Tweak Demon left the team early in pre season testing after 3 engine and gearbox failures occurred in just under a week. He was later picked up by the factory Aston Martin Racing team and was quoted as saying "good riddance" after signing the one race trial contract.

It was a brutal race for all in attendance with one true victor in the end by what can only be described as a blistering run. The late entry of driver "Trail Boss" in the Silver Factory Audi R8 LMS Ultra was a welcome addition after proving his skill as a fellow racer on the track and setting the bar high with his 16 second lead over Rodimius Prime in the Dominum Musk Mercedes #57 SLS AMG GT3 at the finish line. SR71A in the Dyson Racing #88 Bentley Continental GT3 was fighting with Trail Boss for the lead early on in the race and slowly began to lose ground to the faster Audi. Eventually, SR71A found his pace to match that of Rodimius in the SLS all the way up until lap 24 when both vehicles made their final mandatory pit stop. It was a battle of the pit crews but unfortunately the Dyson crew fumbled a wheel nut and gave the now 2nd place SLS a staggering lead. Tweak Demon in the Aston Martin Racing #007 V12 Vantage GT3 struggled with reliability issues and an inconsistent setup that dropped him from 3rd back to 5th within 5 laps. Soldiering on and finally finding some rhythm on track, Tweak eventually started to gain ground on the pack. An early pit stop at lap 20 saw the Aston pit crew change to an endurance strategy for the remainder of the race choosing a slightly longer fuel up and a swap to intermediate tires. Although he was lapped by the leading R8, his consistency paid off and eventually saw him reach a podium finish in 3rd place passing the Bentley that suffered an ignition issue roughly 6 laps before the end. Zeta Prime in the JAE Glass #5 Audi R8 LMS Ultra started in 5th position but didn't stop him from seeing the top 3 for the first half of the race. Unfortunately a mechanical fault in the drivetrain and a worsening steering issue stopped the R8 dead in it's tracks just 2 corners from the pits on lap 15. In a very respectable move, Tweak Demon in the Vantage attempted to assist the stranded R8 on lap 16 by pushing him back to the pits but the bold move of sportsmanship wasn't to be as a marshal immediately warned Tweak for interfering with the progression of the race. Zeta Prime and his immobile R8 were towed back to the pits where the car was officially retired for the remainder of the race. Zeta was visibly disappointed but said "These things happen in racing. Today just wasn't meant to be but the team and I will get together and sort out what went wrong so we can be fully prepared for next week."

After round 1 at Watkins Glen, a total of 65 minutes and 117 miles were covered seeing great disappointment and spectacular finishes. In the end Trail Boss took home 1st place and starts the season with 25 points under his belt. Following closely in 2nd place with 18 points is Rodimius Prime after running a very solid and consistent race. In a surprise third place after a last minute bold strategy change, Tweak Demon crossed the line to claim 15 points. Finishing the race in 4th was SR71A with a respectable 12 points. Zeta Prime who was unable to finish was awarded 5th in class with 10 points. And rounding out the pack in 6th place was Krack Monster who although was unable to start brought back 5 points for managing to set a time during practice. The field remains open for more new comers to join in as the season progresses to bring in more fans of the new series.

World Endurance Series racing director and driver in the field Tweak Demon made a statement after the awards ceremony: "What a race! It was fantastic driving along side everyone out there and seeing all the fans that came out for the love of motorsports racing. We have a great start to the season with Watkins Glen now behind us. I know myself and everyone here is eager to see more drivers and teams begin joining the World Endurance Series as we gain the attention of Motorsports fans across the globe. But now we are getting on planes and heading to Belgium to race on the historic Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps. This next race will be 150 miles of fast corners and massive elevation changes with no mandatory pit stops like there were today. Everyone knows the weather out there can be very unpredictable so we may not be so lucky as we were today with the beautiful blue and white skies, but I don't foresee us having anything more than a drizzle if Mother Nature pays us a visit during our stay. If you come out to watch be sure to bring an umbrella just in case!"

Race 2 of the World Endurance Series at Spa, Belgium will take place Saturday June 20th. The time lights will go out for race start is still being worked out with the track staff. Stay tuned for word on when we can expect the next round to officially kick off.

Dynomight Motorsports
16-06-2015, 23:48
Sounds like a cool Series. If I wasn't already in 2 leagues I would jump in. Right now I'm running the British GT Championship series at RaceDepartment.com in a GT3 and TORA in a GT4.

18-06-2015, 07:27
World Endurance Series News

The early morning peace was suddenly shattered by the sound of an engine. The paddock at Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps had come alive with the roar of 8 cylinder fury, barking as it made it's way towards the circuit. A blur of black and white machinery was all that could be seen as it blasted through Eau Rouge at full throttle charging up the hill. The machine in question was that of a brand new Ginetta G55 GT3. The warm up lap had awoken the fans that were sleeping in tents and hotel rooms around the track; their groggy expressions were quickly replaced with amazement as the new entry to the series came down the front straight. A nearby timing board illuminated over the track and began to count as the car flew across the starting line. The excitement of the fans was now audible from hundreds of yards away as they read the information on display; Tweak Demon was the driver of the #91 G55 from KUME Racing. After several laps, each dropping in time to a point where the consistency began to show for 5 straight, the Ginetta entered the pits and shut off where we were waiting to greet him with his pit crew. As he unstrapped himself and exited the car, he slapped his race engineer on the back with a side hug and exchanged some ecstatic praises for the car and the crew. Looking to the crowd that had gathered, he pulled off his helmet and said "Now THAT is a proper race car!". The fans all cheered and clapped with enthusiasm. "This might be a good time to state the obvious...the Vantage isn't here. Aston Martin Racing and I have decided after the last race's problems and the mishap with Krack Monster in the Rapa Motorsports Vantage that we should part ways." A question from the crowd came. "Has Aston Martin decided to pull the Vantage from the series?"
Tweak responded "I hear they are looking for a new driver since my departure. As far as I know they still plan on keeping the V12 Vantage in the series and aren't pulling their support from any of the teams using their cars. It does sound like they are working on some things internally to resolve the problems that keep arising from the drivetrain and suspension though so hopefully it works out for them. I know Krack Monster was on the track doing some testing yesterday. From what he told me the kinks have been ironed out but he's still keeping his options open at this point, so we'll see where that goes leading into the race."
Another fan spoke up "Has the staff come to a decision when the race will be?"
"Yes, actually we nailed down a solid date and time late last night. Expect to see qualifying begin on Father's Day at 4 in the afternoon."
The media group chimed in "can someone from KUME Racing comment on the testing today?"
Race Engineer Delano Stanz piped up "We are extremely pleased with the results today and very excited to have Tweak running our car with us for the remainder of the season. The Ginetta is running an outstanding pace in his hands and our data is spot on for what we were expecting out of the car. I have every confidence that we won't have to deal with any reliability problems this season given the support we've received from the factory and our sponsors".
Tweak stepped forward "Thank you so much for the support and coming down here to speak with us. I'm going to the track diner for some brunch in about twenty minutes where we can continue this as you all are welcome to join me". The crowd cheered and clapped with enthusiasm and began to disperse as the KUME racing driver and crew returned to their debriefing and maintenance.

Qualifying for the race will commence Sunday June 21 at 4PM MDT at Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Twitch.tv live onboard feeds from the #91 KUME Racing Ginetta G55 and #88 Dyson Racing Bentley Continental will be available for spectators around the world to tune in and watch the action unfold. Web address links to those feeds will be posted here as soon as the teams release them to the public.

18-06-2015, 19:39
World Endurance Series Update

As promised, the teams have released their onboard cam streams to the public in preparation for the upcoming race at Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps. They also have announced an added bonus for fans of the series.

Tonight at 10PM Eastern, live onboard coverage of the World Endurance Series open testing at Spa will be available for viewing. These links will also be available during qualifying and the race on Sunday June 21st at 6PM Eastern.
Web addresses to the feeds are listed below.

#91 KUME Racing Ginetta G55 - twitch.tv/tweak_demon
#88 Dyson Racing Bentley Continental - twitch.tv/sr71a
#5 JAE Glass Audi R8 LMS - twitch.tv/zeta_prime165
#57 Dominum Musk Mercedes SLS AMG - twitch.tv/rodimius_prime

Dynomight Motorsports
19-06-2015, 01:57
Sounds like a blast...do you guys run any races longer than 35 mins? I like them long adds a bit of extra strategy if they release you from the pits.

19-06-2015, 02:19
LIVE NOW - Round 2 Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps Open Practice
- KUME Racing #91 Ginetta G55 GT3 twitch.tv/tweak_demon

19-06-2015, 02:21
Sounds like a blast...do you guys run any races longer than 35 mins? I like them long adds a bit of extra strategy if they release you from the pits.

We run 35+ Laps depending on the track. That's well over 35 minutes of racing plus qualifying prior to the race which is set at 15 minutes.

19-06-2015, 04:20
Thank you to everyone that tuned in for our live broadcast of Round 2 open practice at Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps!
We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you back for qualifying and race start at 12PM Eastern on Sunday June 21st. Yes, the time changed again but it's permanent this time.

Thanks again!

ODA Trash
19-06-2015, 06:46
Is there still room to join? I'm interested.

Machinegun Knap
19-06-2015, 06:48
Any possible way of me joining for the week 2 festivities? (I know I'm late) but definitely looking for something like this to run in.

Gamer tag- Machinegun Knap

Let me know!

Dynomight Motorsports
19-06-2015, 14:01
You can add me too Alpine if you ever need some clean extra drivers. I wouldn't run for points just fun...

GT: MichaeI Watts (The L in Michael is actually a capital I as in India) Dynomight_motorsports on Twitch.

19-06-2015, 19:25
Thank you for the responses everyone.

If you are interested in joining please send me a message through XBL directly so I can verify the GT ID's.

As of right now, Dynomight Motorsports is confirmed and added to the active roster for Sunday. Remember, show time for qualifying is 12PM Eastern on the 21st.

19-06-2015, 22:01
Original post updated

20-06-2015, 16:23
Alright everyone the series roster is locked in for Sunday. No more drivers will be accepted until further notice. If you wish to join feel free to continue leaving information with myself to review but note you will not be able to join until next week.
As of right now I have 1 slot remaining open (one driver is not on the roster yet but will be soon) so it is first come first served unless we have drivers drop from the series.

Thanks and have a great Saturday!

21-06-2015, 05:15

Live Onboard feeds will be available.

21-06-2015, 15:50
Good Morning Everyone!

Race Day Coverage of Round 2 begins NOW!

Live Feed Weblinks:
#91 KUME Racing Ginetta G55 - twitch.tv/tweak_demon
#88 Dyson Racing Bentley Continental - twitch.tv/sr71a
#5 JAE Glass Audi R8 LMS - twitch.tv/zeta_prime165
#57 Dominum Musk Mercedes SLS AMG - twitch.tv/rodimius_prime

21-06-2015, 17:25
Due to a slight weather progression miscalculation, the race is restarting in 5 minutes. Sorry for the delay.

21-06-2015, 20:21
World Endurance Series News

Today marks the end of round 2 for the World Endurance Series, but it also marks the beginning of the season for some new teams. On Saturday morning, Machinegun Knapp from Hexis Racing driving the #1 Mclaren MP4-12C along with ODA Trash representing Bentley Team Motorsport in the #8 Bentley Continental arrived with their crews eager to prove themselves in the series. As soon as the teams were setup in the paddock, they immediately hit the track and started dialing in setups and individual strategies to prepare for today.

While the new drivers and teams were getting settled in, two other drivers and teams were seen packing up and preparing for transport to the next round. Krack Monster from Rapa Motorsports watched as his V12 Vantage was loaded onto it's carrier and shook his head in disappointment. "We started out great in testing this week and everything looked promising; but over night a seal in the fuel tank had disintegrated and allowed fuel to soak into the main wiring harness among other things. Aston Martin gave us the order to pull out until they could figure out what the issue is. I'm really getting tired of dealing with unreliable parts". And with that, the team departed for the cargo plane.

We found Trail Boss lounging in the track diner alone having a cup of coffee. "Audi has pulled the Factory car from the race and in turn left me without a team for the time being. They didn't give an explanation, they just did it. It's okay though, it's a long season and I'm sure I'll find a new team before round 3. Just disappointing to be left here as a spectator tomorrow. I got an invite from Zeta to hang out with the guys at JAE Glass during the race so I'll go spend some time with them". Trail Boss never formally signed a contract with Audi to run their car for the duration of the season and was being paid per race. Without sponsorship backing, he is now the only driver in the series without a team for the time being.

Sunday saw weather become a factor for the first time this season with light rain causing the teams minor issues on track for 10 of the 15 minutes in qualifying. However, with the heat of the track fighting back against Mother Nature, fog soon developed just as the cars were readying for the green flag. From the start, Machinegun Knapp and Rodimius Prime battled brilliantly fighting for 1st place. Both drivers began to pull a slight lead from the pack and eventually a game of leap frog began several seconds ahead of the other 4 drivers that would last nearly 17 of the 35 laps. Back in the main pack, ODA Trash encountered several instability issues and poor tire wear. Jumping in and out of the pits became a constant sight for the factory team as the #8 Continental GT3 dropped several laps behind the field. "It just wasn't meant to be for us. We came here knowing it might be a struggle to get a rhythm in place with a brand new car and only day's worth of testing logged. The data we've gained from this race will be invaluable this week as we head into round 3". ODA Trash finished 5th overall 4 laps down from the leader. Zeta Prime in the #5 JAE Glass Audi R8 LMS fought for anything he could hold onto for the entire race, which in the end was 4th as the car struggled to put down consistent times on the medium compound tires the team put on mid way through the race. "We didn't grenade a clutch this time or have any suspension issues, but our strategy didn't play out quite the way we were expecting. I'm happy with our result but we still have a lot to work on internally to get our pace consistent with the other teams". Rodimius Prime had settled into second place behind Machinegun Knapp around lap 12 and stayed well ahead of the 3rd place #91 Ginetta G55 from KUME Racing driven by TWEAK DEMON. It seemed like the teams had found their rhythm when suddenly a blow out on the lead Hexis Racing Mclaren whipped the car violently into the tire wall on turn 4 with 15 laps remaining. Machinegun Knapp got out right as track officials and medical responders had arrived and gave a wave to the crowd. "I'm not quite sure what happened to the right rear but at that speed I had no chance of catching the car, I was just along for the ride at that point. We got some points for being out there today but this wreck has definitely been a set back. Mclaren is already working on getting a new car out to us so we can prep it for round 3. They're planning on doing some testing back at the factory to make sure it was just a tire failure and not something else that caused this". Machinegun Knapp did not finish but was awarded 6th place by the series director. The unfortunate end to the Hexis Mclaren gave way to Dominum Musk and the #57 Mercedes SLS AMG to take 1st followed by TWEAK DEMON in 2nd, but not for long. During their pit stops, from what seemed to be out of thin air in he Dyson Racing #88 Bentley Continental driven by SR71A surged past both cars and took the lead. Propelled by this development, both Dominum Musk and KUME crews flew around the cars in record pace to get then back on track. Rodimius and TWEAK roared off in pursuit but in a bizarre move the Mercedes was seen reentering the pits after just 8 laps. KUME Racing jumped on this opportunity at blistering speed and in lightning succession took 2nd place just before the SLS had managed to escape pit road. Rodimius managed a podium finish in the end, in 3rd place. "Our car was strong and had the pace to take a top 2 finish, but a couple mistakes cost us the finish we wanted. We win and lose as a team and while 3rd place isn't bad, we should have taken a win here today. It just goes to show a small error is enough to turn the tide of a race in someone else's favor". KUME Racing had settled into a very consistent pace early on, a pace that proved too fast for the Ginetta's tires as TWEAK spun and clipped a wall just prior to entering the pits behind the Dominum Musk Mercedes. However, this wasn't enough to force the end of KUME from the top 3. Operating on a one stop strategy with soft slick tires, the Ginetta blasted past the SLS taking on new tires and fuel and opened up what would be a 45 second lead at the end of the race for 2nd place. "We had a great car and a phenomenal rhythm out there today. Apart from pushing those rears a little too hard when I had my accident, I couldn't be more pleased with the consistency of the car and spot on work on my crew. These guys are miracle workers and kept us in the fight all the way to the end". SR71A who struggled early in the race lead a total of 19 laps and kept a steady 35 second lead over the KUME Racing Ginetta G55 to take home the win at Spa. "We really weren't doing badly at any particular point, we just kept pushing on a large fuel load and the laps began to tumble. Before I knew it I was in 1st and putting a good gap to 2nd. Stopping only once for tires was a huge gamble but with the lower track temperatures today thanks to the rain we had early on and heavy clouds helped keep the soft compounds alive till the end. I'm pumped not only for my self but the team giving us a much needed win after the struggle we had last week at Watkins Glen. We'll see where the next race takes us but I've got a good feeling about this season now".

Race Director TWEAK DEMON gave his closing statements after the awards ceremony. "Round 2 is finished and I can tell by the energy of the fans that the race was even better than last week! Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting the series, I hope the addition of the onboard cameras made it all the more spectacular to watch for everyone. As we head into the new week, I'd like to pay tribute to the great Ayrton Senna. He will forever be the greatest driver to ever take to the track and the greatest human being the world has had the pleasure of seeing in Motorsports. With that, I am announcing that round 3 will take place at Imola, one of the most dangerous tracks in existence today. Forecast for the race is showing blistering heat and light clouds as of right now. You can expect no less than 40 laps on this challenging circuit and the revival of mandatory pit stops. Thank you for coming out and supporting the series, I'll see everyone in Italy Thursday for open testing at 7PM Eastern".

After Round 2 the points standings are as follows: In first place with 37 points SR71A. Second place is tied between Rodimius Prime and Tweak Demon at 33 points. Third place is locked up by Trail Boss with his win at Watkins Glen at 25 points.Fighting from the back see's Zeta Prime taking 4th just 3 points behind Trail Boss with 22. In 5th place, series newcomer ODA Trash followed in by Machinegun Knapp in 6th with 10 and 8 points respectively. Finally in 7th place still waiting to get into the fight is Krack Monster with 5 points.
Round 3 qualifying and main race at Imola will take place Saturday June 27th. Broadcasting and coverage times to be announced soon.

24-06-2015, 06:29
World Endurance Racing News

Imola. The track that has claimed many great names including the greatest F1 driver of all time. It's not to be trifled with. Despite it's dangerous and punishing reputation, the WES is here and the drivers are ready to leave their mark in the pages of history.

It's Tuesday afternoon. Most of the teams have already set up shop on pit road, but there's a noticeable vacancy on the roster coming into this weekend. KUME Racing isn't here, but the series staff has assured us the director is. At around 1:30pm the sounds of engines turning over and roaring to life pierced the air. Spectators from all over the world had already gathered trackside in anticipation of early testing to take place despite the announcement that practice wouldn't open until Thursday. Apparently the track officials gave the WES staff open access as soon as they arrived.

As the cars began to funnel out of pit road onto the track, a new car emerged at the back of the pack. A blue and navy painted Mclaren MP4-12C sporting Von Ryan Racing decals. Did Trail Boss finally find a new team? The cars set about warming their tires and putting some space between themselves prior to beginning testing. As the laps ticked by, the timing board was mysteriously dark. It's unlike the staff to keep secrets like this from the public and the fans had started buzzing wondering what was going on behind the scenes. After 5 laps had passed at somewhat lazy paces by all the drivers, all of the cars entered the pits. A loud speaker clicked on after the cars had shut off. "Ladies and Gentlemen, open practice will now commence. Please do not enter the pits until the cars have returned from the track and shut down". This was an odd announcment considering what had just transpired for the last 10 minutes.

Suddenly the pits came alive again, but this time the engines were noticably much louder than before. No one had even noticed that the cars were running on restrictors when they were driving by before. The spectators were starting to smile and cheer after coming to this realization. The timing board ignited showing car numbers: #08, #88, #1, #5 and #60. It seemed as though all but two of the cars from the running at Spa were here, but #60 was the latest addition and no one had a clue who was driving the new Mclaren.

The cars erupted from the pits in a thunderous series of barks from their exhausts. The laps flew by for the next hour and a half as each car stopped in the pits briefly for small adjustments to aero and suspension. A fan by the track who was snapping photos on the front straight started shouting to the other spectators "The roof says TWEAK DEMON!!!". Fans rushed towards him in to catch a glimpse of the photo he took of the Von Ryan entry. There was no questioning it, the driver was in fact our very own race director and second place driver in the series TWEAK DEMON. This startling development set the fans ablaze with excitement and anxious questions. Most focused around the same thought, what had happened to KUME? Shortly after the news had spread to every fan in attendance, the cars retreated to the pits and shut off once again. There was a noticeable gap between the Bentley's and the rest of the field, something we hoped one of the drivers could explain.

The track officials opened the gates and the timing board shut off. Fans spilled into pit road and gathered around the drivers who were standing outside of the Von Ryan garage. There was a buzz of conversation amongst the crowd when TWEAK raised his hand to get their attention. "As you've probably noticed, I'm in yet another car with another team. It's my unfortunate duty to inform you all that KUME has decided to pull out of racing completely and the company is announcing its departure from Motorsports until further notice. I don't know all the details but they left me high and dry without a team or a car after the conclusion of Spa. I had an emergency drivers meeting Sunday night prior to everyone departing for where we are now and asked for my fellow drivers input. Keen to keep me as a competitor in my own series, they unanimously agreed that finding a new team was top priority. Machinegun Knap got in touch with his race engineer immediately and called the folks at Mclaren. They in turn contacted Von Ryan Racing and got them on the first flight to Britain to pick up their car. I'm not kidding when I say this, they are absolute miracle workers. They had the factory prepped MP4 painted and setup within 12 hours and loaded it onto the hauler to get everything here Monday evening. I haven't had more than 8 hours to work with these guys but I can tell they are just as excited as I am to be here. Charles Hodge my new race engineer and his entire crew are some pretty fantastic people and I couldn't thank them enough for accepting such a huge challenge to welcome me in no notice and get a brand new car race ready for this coming Saturday in such a short time. I also want to thank my fellow drivers especially Knap and his team for going out of their way to get me driving again. You guys are awesome!" The crowd applauded in glee as TWEAK shook all of their hands. A partial statement and question came from the front of the fans "We're all glad to see you back and amazed at what's happened in such a short period of time since Sunday which we were all buzzing about while you guys were on the track but I'm sure a lot of us are also curious what was going on with the restrictors initially being in place today". "Ahh, I was wondering if that would come up. The track officials had concerns about bringing the cars here for the series and wanted to be sure that safety was a top priority. I made the decision to implement the restrictors to get some sighting laps in and see if there were any particular areas on track that needed to be addressed before proceeding. This is one of the most dangerous tracks that Formula 1 has ever appeared on so it was necessary to get a good idea if the cars could handle the layout. After we came back in all of these guys gave me the 'thumbs up' and I agreed. You shouldn't see that happen again anytime soon during the season". TWEAK stated with his fellow drivers nodding in agreement. "Can one of the Bentley drivers comment on the pace of the other cars? It seems like you guys are running at a disadvantage here right now". SR71A stepped forward "We're struggling to put power down like the other entries but I think towards the end we started to get a good setup dialed in. These chassis aren't happy on tight circuits like this without some major rethinking in suspension and aero adjustments and because we haven't run a track like this until now we didn't have any data to go on". ODA Trash came forward and threw an arm over SR71A's shoulder "I think we can safely say we'll be ready to take the fight to the other cars come Saturday. The testing today definitely proved to be useful because our engineers are comparing notes right now and showing a lot of the same data". Another fan piped in "Does this mean we can expect team points racing to come into play?" TWEAK smiled "What these guys do out here to stay competitive is their business but Manufacturer points are up for grabs starting Saturday. I've been keeping them locked up until this week based on the fact that we had so many critical team and driver changes happen so early on. It seemed pointless to start scoring until everything was settled and we knew what was going to happen with the drivers without cars to drive. So in a way you can call it team scoring, but it'll be based entirely on Manufacturers, kind of like constructors points in F1". This reveal gave the fans a surge of energy that added to the already enthusiastic atmosphere. "You all are welcome to come talk to us individually with our crews and check out the cars from outside the garage since they are still cooling down but otherwise expect to see us back on the track Thursday for open practice. Thank you all for coming out so early this week!" With that the crowd began to disperse to the teams and drivers taking photos and taking the time to get familiar with their favorites.

Thursday June 25th is open practice day. You can expect live onboard feeds to resume with links for streaming to be released 10 minutes prior to start. Stay tuned for more updates as the week progresses.

25-06-2015, 05:54
World Endurance Series Update

Race Day Qualifying will begin Saturday June 27th at 2PM Eastern Daylight Time.
Live Onboard Coverage will be broadcast via Twitch 10 minutes prior to Qualifying start for the duration of Qualifying and the Race.

Open Practice Thursday June 25th will begin between 8-10PM Eastern Daylight Time with Live Onboard Coverage. Expect a flash message during this time period here regarding broadcast streaming info.

26-06-2015, 01:35
Live Now - Open Practice at Imola for WES Round 3.
Twitch.tv/tweak_demon - #60 Von Ryan Racing Mclaren MP4-12C

27-06-2015, 18:08
Live Now - Qualifying at Imola for WES Round 3. Race to begin immediately after qualifying.
Twitch.tv/tweak_demon - #60 Von Ryan Racing Mclaren MP4-12C
Twitch.tv/Sr71a - #88 Dyson Racing Bentley Continental

27-06-2015, 20:38
Official Results:
1st) Tweak Demon #60 Von Ryan Racing Mclaren MP4-12C - 25 pts

2nd) Machinegun Knap #1 Hexis Racing Mclaren MP4-12C - 18 pts

3rd) SR71A #88 Dyson Racing Bentley Continental - 15 pts

4th) Made You Leave #82 nVidia Racing BMW Z4 - 12 pts

5th) Zeta Prime165 #5 JAE Glass Audi R8 LMS - 10 pts

6th) ODA Trash #8 Bentley Team Motorsports Bentley Continental - 8 pts

7th) Krack Monster #2 Jancon Mobile BMW M3 GT - 6 pts.

Mclaren - 9 pts
Bentley - 4 pts
BMW - 3 pts
Audi - 1 pts
Mercedes - 0 pts

27-06-2015, 23:27
It was a hot day today at Autodromo Internazionale Imola with the ambient track temperatures reaching up to 113*F before Qualifying had even begun. The racing staff had warned fans and teams that proper hydration and keeping cool was an absolute must. Despite this, it didn't stop Round 3 from seeing its largest starting grid to date. Along with the teams that had participated in practice earlier in the week, the series saw the arrival of two new teams and the loss of a driver in the top 3. Made You Leave from Nvidia Racing driving the #82 BMW Z4 is a series new comer and the first entry from BMW for the season to date. Along with him saw the return of Krack Monster, but surprisingly accompanied by a new car and team. The #2 BMW M3 GT in the pits was supplied by Jancon Mobile, making them the second team to enter on behalf of BMW. "Rapa Motorsports and I parted ways after Round 2 based on the fact that we hadn't managed to even start a single race this season from mechanical faults with the V12 Vantage. Jancon was literally waiting for the first rumor to cross their desk about me looking for a new team and jumped on the opportunity. I couldn't refuse based on my passion and love for BMW motorsports." Even with the series in it's infancy stages, it seems as though there are plenty of teams waiting for capable drivers to become available to race. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Trail Boss as he packed his gear and took the first flight home Saturday morning. He leaves with 25 points tied to him for the remainder of the season with no team affiliation and his future with the WES in doubt. Rodimius Prime wasn't to be seen on track Saturday as his crew packed up and prepared to move for the next round. His race engineer gave a brief report that Rodimius had been taken to the nearest hospital for a sudden illness over night. Latest reports from the hospital indicate it isn't too serious but we still wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in the Dominum Musk SLS AMG soon.

Qualifying once again showed everyone that the Mclaren's were the cars to beat as they posted sub 1:43 and 1:44 lap times; well over one and half seconds faster than the rest of the pack. When the race was set to begin however, the fans immediately noticed a major change to the start. The cars lined up on the grid and waited for the lights to click down to green. The first two rounds had been rolling starts and the implementation of a fixed position start was unexpected for everyone in attendance. Despite this change, when the race began, Machinegun Knap immediately managed to incur a drive through penalty for jumping the start. This was a major setback for the Hexis Racing team considering they were in a great position to win the race out qualifying the Von Ryan Mclaren by 8 tenths of a second. By lap 5, TWEAK DEMON had managed to open a commanding lead on the rest of the pack that was still fighting for position. However, no sooner had lap 7 passed by, the Jancon Mobile M3 GT suddenly started to sway violently on exit from turn 5 and immediately veered into the wall. "We sheered a differential and it threw the car out of my control. Some kind of defect in the gears had manifested itself during qualifying and we hadn't noticed until it grenaded the diff. Huge disappointment given how closely we had been running on pace with the Mclaren's this week. We managed to get some points though and put BMW up on the board so we'll be ready for round 4 within a few days." Krack Monster was awarded 7th overall with 6 points.

Further down the road by lap 11, the lead Von Ryan Racing Mclaren turned in for it's first pit stop, giving the lead once again back to Hexis Racing and Machinegun Knap who had managed to fight back to 2nd place despite the drive through penalty. This was the last time the Hexis Mclaren would see 1st position as Machinegun pulled in on lap 12 for his first true pit stop. The Hexis car from then on struggled to put down times faster than a 1:45 in pursuit of Von Ryan Racing for the remainder of the race. "We had an amazing setup going into the race this week but the tire pressures in our spare sets of soft slicks weren't showing the same temperature readings as our qualifying and opening race tires had. It was a minor mistake but it ended up costing us valuable time to catch the Von Ryan crew. In the end it's still a win for us considering we finished in second and added our points to our brothers at Von Ryan for Mclaren." Machinegun Knap finished 2nd overall with 18 points to tack onto his series total.

Lap 15 saw a bitter and awful sound echo across the track as the Bentley Team Motorsport #8 Bentley Continental driven by ODA Trash burst into a cloud of smoke and run into the gravel trap at turn 3. "One of my engineers told me after analyzing the data that the fuel pressure dropped flatline just prior to the corner and caused the motor to blow. Faulty fuel pump or something along those lines. Pretty $#%&! way to finish today but we put points on the board not only for ourselves but Bentley in manufacturer standings." ODA Trash settled for 6th position with just 8 points. He wasn't the only one to have his engine give out however. For what seemed like a perfectly clean run today, one slip on a kurb managed to make the JAE Glass Audi R8 LMS throw in the towel. "It's the second time we've had a driveline fault like this but this time it was from oil starvation. Somehow knocking that kurb kicked the oil pump out of its mountings and drained the motor dry before I could make it back to the pits. We'll be talking as a team with Audi and seeing what kinds of solutions they can come up with for us." Zeta Prime165 finishes today as the final DNF with 5th overall and 10 points.

Meanwhile, many laps later, something wasn't quite right with the Z4 from Nvidia. Made You Leave had made 4 stops into pit road by lap 34 and it seemed as though the little BMW wasn't performing the way it had in qualifying. "We're not quite sure what's going on with the car right now. We're getting no response from telemetry, the nose is pushing into corners and the brakes are extremely squishy. We're going to get the car back to the factory for diagnostics tomorrow and see whats causing all of these issues. I'm happy we finished with the car in one piece but it's upsetting we couldn't run as the same pace as the leaders." Made You Leave finished in 4th with 12 points to start his series debut and helped boost BMW to 3rd overall in manufacturer standings.

SR71A and the Dyson Racing #88 Bentley Continental may have been lapped by the lead Mclaren but was steadily holding position in the top 3. He had surged to 2nd after the Hexis Racing Mclaren had made its final pit stop but was unable to hold Machinegun Knap off any further by lap 35. "I think we finished well today considering how far off pace we had been all week against the mid engined cars in the field. This track is just brutal and unforgiving and we really were out of our comfort zone trying to get a setup in place for the car. Despite that we put some solid points on the board and Bentley is holding down 2nd among the other makes in the series so I'm happy." SR71A crossed the line in 3rd with 15 points to add to his season total.

In the end, it was the Von Ryan Racing #60 Mclaren driven by TWEAK DEMON that crossed the checkered flag in 1st. Leading a total of 36 out of 40 laps, the Von Ryan crew was on the ball and kept the car in top form for the duration of the race. "With the implementation of a 40 liter fuel maximum for the opening stint, it really was a game of math for us to see how much fuel we needed to get to the end without going more than 2 stops. The tires felt amazing throughout despite the heat and we pulled off 17 laps on 50 liters of fuel for the 2nd stint. I thought for sure we were going to be playing second fiddle to the Hexis Racing crew given their experience with this car and their blistering qualifying times but our consistency paid off in the end and kept us well ahead of them to the finish. I couldn't be more proud of the guys here at Von Ryan Racing and thank Mclaren for building us such a beautiful machine. Between us and the Hexis boys we've got 1st in the manufacturer standings, that's a pretty damn good way to start the season for Mclaren and it'll keep them in high spirits."
TWEAK took 1st overall with 25 points and now leads the drivers standings.

In an official announcement following the awards ceremony, Race Director TWEAK DEMON took the mic and gave a short summary. "I think we successfully showed the world what the World Endurance Series is all about this week and we gave Imola a proper send off for the season today. Round 3 has been a very intense and brutal experience for us but in the end I think we can all agree it's the most exciting race we've hosted to date! Now we have to start thinking about Round 4 though, and a I'm pleased to announce we are heading to Dubai! Given how hot the track is during the day and the amount of lighting around the circuit, we thought it would be a good time to implement the start of night racing. You can expect another 40 laps there in darkness to bring yet another twist to the series. There will be no mandatory stops but the maximum of 40 liters of fuel will be in effect for the duration of the race to include pit stops next weekend. It should make for some interesting pit strategies given most of the cars will have to make at least 3 stops. Thanks to everyone for coming out this week and we'll see you in Dubai!"

Points totals for the season now stand with TWEAK DEMON in 1st at 58, SR71A in 2nd with 52, Rodimius Prime in 3rd with 33, Zeta Prime165 in 4th with 32, Machinegun Knap in 5th with 26, ODA Trash in 6th with 18, Made You Leave in 7th with 12 points, and Krack Monster in 8th with 11.
Manufacturer points begin with Mclaren in 1st with 9, Bentley in 2nd with 4, BMW in 3rd with 3, Audi in 4th with 1, and Mercedes in 5th with 0.

Round 4 at Dubai Autodrome International will consist of 40 laps at night with no mandatory stops and a 40 liter fuel cap. Qualifying/Race Time and Date are still TBD due to July 4th occurring on Saturday this year. Stay tuned for the latest information as it becomes available.

27-06-2015, 23:52
*Small correction made as one result was left out of debrief.*

02-07-2015, 07:02
World Endurance Series News

Hello from Germany...which is also not Dubai.

Weirdly, a flash message from the race director was released to all participants and fans at the last minute 2 hours after the conclusion of the race at Imola. "Please relocate yourselves to Nurburg, Germany for round 4. Details to be released in the days to come". Anticipating negative outcry from the fans who were preparing to fly to Dubai, the race staff arranged for all transportation to be covered at the series expense. Teams were tapped to help get VIP level ticket holders to the new location as well. The speed and efficiency the staff worked at managed to keep fans completely positive and in hotels in less than 16 hours, a real miracle given the scale of the series following these days.

Just when we had unpacked and begun setting up for practice at the Nurburgring GP circuit, another message was sent out to the media and fans asking for everyone to attend a formal announcement at the pits. When everyone had arrived, all of the garages opened at once and revealed the teams with their cars as well as some Le Mans Prototype 2's. From overhead, the drivers appeared on the podium with microphones looking down to the crowd. Race Director and Driver TWEAK DEMON stepped out last and moved to the center of the drivers. "I first want to apologize for the last minute shift to get everyone here but there was no alternative. I received a phone call from the track owner in Dubai just an hour after I had finished my announcement regarding round 4 taking place in Dubai. To make a long story short, we are not welcome in Dubai, they've banned the WES until further notice due to some kind of rights agreement with another series". At this point the crowd had become an angry thunder questioning the decision made by the track owner. "I know, it sucks, but I got in touch with the officials here in Germany and they offered to move our scheduled race up a week so long as we could give them a week to prep afterwards for our 5th round. Which brings me to some major announcements today. After some quick phone calls and schedule adjustments, we are now allowing Le Mans Prototype 2 vehicles to compete with GT3 in an effort to expand our reach to new drivers. Scoring will be separated based on class and any driver in the series can alternate between classes". At this point the silent crowd began buzzing with enthusiasm and renewed vigor. "To further demonstrate this alternating class system, Krack Monster and myself will be the first 2 drivers this weekend to run Prototype 2 vehicles. Teams and cars will be announced later but what you should know is Krack has his eyes on a Marek chassis while I'm looking to Oreca". Fans were now literally jumping up and down cheering with this development. "However, there is one critical detail I need to address before we press on with these changes. If you will kindly look to the end of pit road I have a little surprise for you all. I should mention only myself and 2 other drivers in the series know about this right now". As the crowd turned to look a crackling roar bounced off of the walls and grandstands. In the distance, 3 cars appeared. A BMW M1 Procar followed by a Group 5 Ford Capri and a Group 5 BMW 320 Turbo. The cars parked side by side, M1 in the center pulled slightly forward, revved and shut off. "I'm pleased to announce that next week, these Classics will be making their Series debut at Hockenheim GP". The fans burst with excitement and cheer. "As it is with the GT3 and Prototypes, All drivers will be eligible to run in these beautiful machines. They will be alternated in throughout the series every week and will be scored completely separate. Track locations and race dates may change a bit but the movement should be very manageable, I don't foresee is changing regions every week so it should keep everyone happy. I have one last announcement to tack in before I take my leave for the day to finish some more planning and coordination. Round 5 for GT3 and Prototype 2 will be back here at Nurburgring on the 24 hour Nordschleife course. Expect a grueling 2 hour race to take place on 'Green Hell'. Time and date for the event is still in the works at this point given we still have 2 other races to complete first, but I just figured everyone should prepare for a very big battle to take place soon. I'll leave everyone to chat amongst themselves now and once again I apologize for the last minute circus act but my hope is these new introductions will make things much more exciting for everyone to enjoy and get the WES pumping with some new drivers. Thank you all and have a pleasant day!"

Round 4 of the World Endurance Series with the addition of LMP2 to the track of Nurburgring GP will take place Sunday at 12PM Eastern. Race staff has confirmed it will still be 40 liters maximum fuel for all cars and a 40 lap duration. More details regarding Round 1 of the Classic Endurance Sub-Series will be released in a few short days. Stay Tuned for more.

Machinegun Knap
03-07-2015, 02:59
Bump. Need some more enjoyable racers to join a great league. All around clean racing and fun. Everyone helps everyone. Would like to see some full lobbies!

03-07-2015, 21:53
Bump. Need some more enjoyable racers to join a great league. All around clean racing and fun. Everyone helps everyone. Would like to see some full lobbies!

Just as a heads up Knap, and everyone else viewing this message, time for Sunday's race has been bumped to 10pm Eastern due to conflicting time schedules. Qualifying will be 15 minutes in length with NO warmup practice. Time constraints are a huge factor this week but we will push through to make it happen.

06-07-2015, 01:42
Live Now! Round 4 @ Nurburgring GP
Session Details: 15 minutes Practice start 9:45pm EDT
15 minutes Qualifying start 10:00PM EDT

Streams active:
Twitch.tv/tweak_demon - Lmp2 Alpine A450 Signatech #36
Twitch.tv/sr71a - GT3 Bentley Continental Dyson Racing #88

06-07-2015, 02:34
We're experiencing HEAVY stability issues with the PCARS server so unfortunately, Twitch broadcasts will not take place tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

06-07-2015, 03:42
Unofficial Results Round 4:
1) Machinegun Knap - 25
2) Rodimius Prime - 18
3) Zeta Prime165 - 15
4) SR71A - 12
5) ODA Trash - 10
6) Made You Leave - 8

LMP2 was not scored due to testing session only. 5 points were awarded to both TWEAK DEMON and KRACK MONSTER for participation in the successful trial race.

08-07-2015, 06:10
Is this still open to join? It sounds fun and competitive!

18-07-2015, 20:51
Is this still open to join? It sounds fun and competitive!

Series is still open to join. We've been on a two week retreat for the most part. Normal services to resume tomorrow.

18-07-2015, 21:31
World Endurance Series Update

Hello everyone. I'm writing this directly to everyone that follows our series rather than the typical "3rd Person Fan News Reporting Fiction" or whatever you want to call it.

So what's the deal? Where have we been?
The truth is, for the last 2 weeks we've been struggling to get everyone on the same page with scheduling and have pretty much been on an unofficial break from competition.

Normal services are officially resuming RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow night at 9:45PM Eastern, Round 5 qualifying will start at Willow Springs in the USA. GT3 and GT4 will be running together on this track and scored separately as usual. The classes are being renamed and reworked. GT3 is now going to be GTE and GT4 is GTC (E for Endurance and C being for Challenge). Group 4/5 will be running Thursday in Hockenhiem at 9PM Eastern (BMW M1 Procar, BMW 320 Turbo, Ford Capris). LMP2 will cycle in and out based on track location. Which brings me to what's going on for the remainder of the series.

The following 2 rounds after tomorrow will be based in the USA and will be polled by the drivers. After that, the remainder of the season will be posted based on location and country. Stay tuned for the official list with tentative dates.

Any driver in any class is unrestricted from running in other classes. We still have spots open for new drivers as well.

Any further questions or comments can be directed to me and will be responded to as quickly as possible.

One last racing announcement. At this time, myself and Krack Monster are raising the Porsche (Ruf) flag in GTE this weekend to spice things up once again within the class.

Thank you for reading this quick announcement and hope to hear from new drivers soon!

20-07-2015, 19:16
World Endurance Series Update

Hello again everyone! Let's jump right into the announcements.

Willow Springs was a complete disaster this weekend. There's literally no other way to put it. We had an Xbox completely fail thanks to a disc drive refusing to spit out a disc. We had a few drivers out for personal and family reasons. We had drivers completely miss without any warning at all.

Anyway, despite this, the show must go on and it shall.

Thursday July 23rd at 9PM Eastern Time will be the FIRST official race of the Classic Endurance Sub-Series. Anyone is welcome to join, so please feel free to send me messages on here or via XBL with my gamertag. Again the track will be Hockenheim in Germany and will be no less than 40 laps in distance. Fuel restrictions to be announced by tomorrow.

Saturday July 25th at 1PM Eastern Time Round 6 for the World Endurance Series will begin. GTE, GTC, and LMP2 will ALL be authorized for running this weekend (a minimum of 2 cars in a class must be reached or the class will be excluded from racing). The track will be set for Road America with 45 laps. Fuel maximum for all classes is 40 liters to include pit strategy. Infringement on this rule will result in a minimum of a 15 second time penalty to the end of your race time and a maximum of disqualification for the round.

And now for the REALLY good bit of news...

Today marks the official release of the World Endurance Series Race Calendar. This not only includes GTE, GTC, and LMP2; but also the Classic Endurance Sub Series. You can check out this calendar below AND the original post of the thread.

As an incentive for new drivers to join, you will be awarded up to 35 bonus points if you wish to join GTE racing to get you in with a shout of being competitive. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed and attended these races!

World Endurance Series Calendar:

Round 1 - 6/13/15 - Watkins Glen

Round 2 - 6/20/15 - Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

Round 3 - 6/27/15 - Imola

Round 4 - 7/5/15 - Nurburgring GP

Round 5 - 7/19/15 - Willow Springs
--->Round 1 Classic -7/23/15-Hockenheim

Round 6 - 7/25/15 - Road America
--->Round 2 Classic -7/30/15-Donington Park

Round 7 - 8/1/15 - Mazda Laguna Seca
--->Round 3 Classic -8/6/15-Oschersleben

Round 8 - 8/8/15 - Zolder
--->Round 4 Classic -8/13/15-Zolder

Round 9 - 8/15/15 - Monza
--->Round 5 Classic -8/20/15-Silverstone

Round 10 - 8/25/15 - Bathurst
--->Round 6 Classic -8/27/15-Brno

Round 11 - 9/5/15 - Le Mans 24 hour
--->Round 7 Classic -9/10/15-Le Mans Bugatti - FINAL

Round 12 -9/12/15 - Nurburgring Nordschleife - FINAL

21-07-2015, 18:25
World Endurance Classic Sub-Series Update

Fuel restrictions for the Classic series have been set for start and pit stops at 50 Liters. Due to the inefficiency of the classic engines, the consumption is far more than that of the GTE/GTC/LMP2's. The addition of 10 liters to the maximum fuel capacity will allow the older cars to make roughly the same number of stops over a period of 40+ laps per race as the main modern WES classes.

As you can all clearly see based on the track list, the series is moving to much longer and challenging tracks towards the end. The three final tracks for the WES Modern classes will be upwards of more than 2 hours in length. Also, from now on, NO race will be postponed or halted based on attendance numbers. Simply put, if only 2 drivers make the field, the race will continue with 2 racers.

The Future
I will be continuing hosting races but a fellow driver in the series has plans to start up a Stock Car/Trans Am series near the conclusion of the WES. When his series begins, I will be sure to notify anyone interested.

The next update will follow the conclusion of Round 1 of the Classic Sub-Series. Stay tuned for more.
Thanks again and have a great week!

25-07-2015, 21:31
World Endurance Series News

Round 6 has officially been entered into the history books with a total race time of 1 hour and 36 minutes. After 40 laps and several position changes, the field ended like this:

-New comer Marksest112 in the #59 Factory McLaren MP4-12C GT3 took home 1st place with a 6 second lead at the finish line over 2nd.
-Veteran driver and Race Director TWEAK DEMON stormed into 2nd furiously chasing down Marksest at a pace of 2-3 seconds a lap in the #40 Huntclub Ruf RGT-8 GT3.
-ODA Trash in the #8 Bentley Team Motorsport Continental GT3 snagged 3rd 2 laps down from the leaders but still a solid 2 laps ahead of 4th.
-SR71A and Dyson Racing struggled throughout the race with continuous mechanical and electrical issues in the pits with the #88 Continental GT3 and overall claimed 4th.
-And finally, Rodimius Prime in the #57 Dominum Musk SLS AMG GT3 rounded out the field in 5th after a catastrophic engine failure on lap 28.

Road America chewed tires to shreds today and showed no mercy to the drivers. What was by far one of the longest races to date, the biggest surprise to everyone in attendance was the sheer pace of the Ruf RGT-8. "I got sick of running in the McLaren and constantly stomping the field. I had to respectfully request a leave of absence with Von Ryan Racing until further notice so I could do some experimenting. Porsche no longer provides factory support to the GT3 cars so trying to get ahold of a 911 is almost impossible. Fortunately, Ruf was happy to send me one so long as I promised to return it in one piece when I finish using it. The Von Ryan pit crew is currently under my personal payroll so I'm not running without support, which works out nicely considering I'm still a driver for the team. And to ensure I'm not screwing them out of points, I decided to go with some fake sponsor/team decals. This seemed fair to the other drivers as it ultimately comes down to the driver and manufacturer points anyways. It just leaves the option open for me to ditch the RGT-8 if the car proves to be more trouble than it's worth. Based on the data from today though, this is going to be an interesting challenge to get the car setup correctly. We had tire wear and heat issues the entire race. I couldn't get more than maybe 9 solid laps out of them without frying the soft compounds. We'll maybe run it one more race before I make the final decision but right now, we're pretty happy that we held onto 2nd and damn near over took a new McLaren in the field." TWEAK and Von Ryan Racing rise another 18 points today after what he described as the "tire race from hell".

The other drivers had little to say regarding today as they were all pretty content with being back on the track for the first time in weeks. SR71A and ODA Trash stood together looking at the Dyson Continental and shared some thoughts. "Between the dropped lug nuts and the failed battery I had onboard today, it just wasn't meant to be at all" SR71A fumed. "Hell, I couldn't get my tires to keep heat consistently in any section of the track. One minute I would be over heating in the rear and cold as ice in the front, the next, I would completely flip flop. We've got some serious work to do to figure out what's going on with these machines" ODA Trash added. Both drivers were visibly drained and pissed with what had been a struggle to finish well.

At the end of the pits however, stood a much more expressionless Rodimius Prime staring at the blown engine of the SLS AMG GT3 as it was removed from the car. "I couldn't even begin to tell you what happened today. The gauges all showed green but the car felt incredibly unsettled the entire opening stint. It wasn't until after the first pit that I noticed a subtle vibration from the drivetrain with every gear shift. Eventually I came into turn 3 on lap 28 and as soon as I let off the gas, the entire car shook violently and locked up in a spin throwing me into the tires. The body isn't too damaged thankfully since I was on the brakes but this engine is a write off. Mercedes has some investigating to do to figure out what failed internally but I'm going to hazard a guess that the car just told me to f$#* off." After that quote, he peeled off and headed to his trailer.

The points standings in GTE have been shaken up again after today with the addition of Marksest who falls under the new driver bonus rule. Here's where everyone lands:

1st Place TWEAK DEMON/Von Ryan Racing - 83
2nd Place SR71A/Dyson Racing - 76
3rd Place Rodimius Prime/Dominum Musk - 74
4th Place ODA Trash/Bentley Team Motorsport - 67
5th Place ZETA PRIME/JAE Glass - 60
5th Place Marksest112/McLaren Factory Team - 60
6th Place Made You Leave/NVidia - 55
7th Place Krack Monster/Ruf - 54
8th Place Machinegun Knap/Hexis - 53

Stay tuned for more World Endurance Series updates.

26-07-2015, 05:27
World Endurance Classic Sub-Series Update

After some more testing and evaluation, it has been decided that the Ford Zakspeed Capri and BMW 320 will both be required to run wastegates set at a maximum of 2.0.

Not only does this stipulation keep all of the Classics competitive in power to weight ratio but it also keeps fuel consumption down and engine wear at a minimum during races.

*General Announcement*
Due to the new stipulations and finessing of series regulations and rules, the first post of the WES thread will be updated within the hour to reflect all of these updates rules so there is no confussion as to where they are posted.

08-08-2015, 19:30
World Endurance Series Update

Zolder Qualifying will start at 8:30pm Eastern tonight. I know this extremely short notice but the last two weeks have been something of a nightmare for scheduling conflicts.

The Laguna Seca race was NOT run last week due to zero attendance and is currently up in the air if it will be rescheduled. I need a majority vote from racers ASAP if we are to reschedule it into the season. We are still accepting new racers into this series however after next week, late registration will be officially closed.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience and continued devotion to keeping this series alive. It's been a struggle but we simply haven't had the numbers to run regardless of scheduling issues. Besides, it's my philosophy that it's better to adjust race dates/times if life gets crazy so everyone has a fair shot at the podium (we do have lives outside of gaming so we have to be realistic).

More info to come following the races completion. Live stream info will be released at the start of the race, not during qualifying like before.