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17-06-2015, 01:28
First let me say that I really want to see this game succeed as it has so much potential yet the issues are killing any enjoyment I have for the game

For two weeks in a row now, we have tried to hold an organized series using the multiplayer functions. In both weeks we have experienced the following situations

Every time I set up a lobby, (happens on several tracks), my wheel (Fanatec CSR) either has no FFB or I have no input from my pedals (Fanatec CSR Elite)

I have to close pCARS and cycle the power on my wheel and restart the boot up process. They then magically function as expected.

Once the looby is up and drivers are entering the track, at least 2-3 people cant see everyone on track

They have to back out and come back in
This resolves it some times but not always

Once everyone does see everyone else, we are OK until the lobby crashes

Once this happens, we set up a new lobby

Those that can get back into the lobby are either stuck on bumper view or are stuck in the pits and we end up cancelling the event due to the above issues

Its to the point that I cant run an organized event in pCARS and count on the lobby to function as expected. It "seems" that the multiplayer capability was intended for the casual pickup public lobbies and not for the serious organized events.

Are these known issues and are they being looked at? I have suspended my series until this is fixed and hopefully soon. Between this and the FFB issues since 1.4, Im struggling to keep a positive outlook on pCARS

17-06-2015, 01:39
Lots of complaints starting to roll in about this game . It's difficult to get straight answers when the devs think the game rolled out well on ps4 . I'ts starting to look as if everything is broken in this game .

Between driveclubs debacle and this the ps4 doesn't look so good anymore for driving games , seems devs trying to make racing games are perhaps stretching there abilities a little.

Umer Ahmad
17-06-2015, 02:14
Small consolation, but "stuck on bumper view" has a work-around: (after clicking DRIVE) DO NOT touch ANY button until the AI hands you back control of the car, when you are handed control then you can switch the camera view.

Check the Known Issues list for PS4 in my signature for the....erm...known issues. If you feel something is not properly represented let us know and we can get it added.

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