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17-06-2015, 09:50
Re-posting this in General Discussion as it seems it will get no response in the PS4 tech area.

I couldn't see this in the known issues thread, but are there any plans to adjust the rolling starts? I mostly play career mode and I'd say that at approx. 80% of tracks it's impossible to keep your position going into the 1st corner.

As an example, I qualified on pole for both races at Monza in the GT3 Euro Championship. In both races the guy in 2nd was pretty much ahead of me before the lights even went green. I restarted both races several times to test this, and the very best I managed was 3rd place going into the first corner.

Another (smaller) suggestion - would it be possible to add a graphic to the screen to let us know when we change a car setting during the race? We've got buttons for adjusting brake bias, roll bars, traction control etc, but as far as I could see there is no indication when something is changed. I'm willing to be set straight on this if it shows up somewhere on the MOTEC display, as I may not have seen it due to the text being so small!

17-06-2015, 09:57
Yes, I experienced this also a lot.
So I agree with you, but you are faster then the AI is anyway, so, at least the race is not boring (by leading with 20+sec after 15 laps).

17-06-2015, 20:01
The second or the third track Dubai of the Kart career if you start as 1st in final race, when you have manual control of the car it is the last corner and you will be on the outside of the corner and behind the 2nd car. Also during rolling, when you go round the corner before the chicane, it looks the car turns very unrealistically. It goes over the curb and looks like a snap change in direction.

This is a video I find online, starting 22:06 is the corner I'm talking about.


17-06-2015, 20:18
IMO they just need to give you manual control a lot earlier for rolling starts and the problem is solved. Giving you control just as the light goes green makes the rolling start kind of redundant, it should be before any of the lights come on.