View Full Version : Is it raining?

17-06-2015, 19:32
Im loving the rear and brake light reflections on the road. Looks great at night on a wet road.

Im sure that pre-1.4 when set to thunderstorm there was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much rain lashing it accross the screen.
Now with 1.4 I'm not seeing the heavy rain. If I stop the car, there is that "really fine rain that soaks you right through" (peter kay) and I can see its raining when I look at the side of the car.
Its raining in every view, apart from chase cam. I have the droplets on the screen and the road is wet, but when im driving, I can see. Im sure it was almost impossible to see anything in a thunderstorm.

Im wondering if the rain has had to be nerfed in the chase cam, to keep the fps up. Has the rain been nerfed or is it just me?

Still, it looks great, and the zolder track isnt getting that frame rate drop over the little hill, in the shadows. It definitely feels smoother than before, so well done SMS.

17-06-2015, 19:36
Im sorry, please delete this thread.

I was talking bollocks. It was just too dark to see the rain. LMAO. Its just gone to daylight and its pissing it down, just like before.

17-06-2015, 19:39
That's the quickest turnabout in a thread that I've ever seen!

17-06-2015, 21:47
Ino, LOL.

I left the game running as I was posting, hit post, looked up, and it was pissing it down. OOOPpps