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17-06-2015, 20:52
I am not a you tuber only just getting into it, purely because it looks gorgeous, but I made a few videos mainly for my satisfaction, the driving isn't great as I have been mainly tweaking and getting it looking nice and handling well, now that I have it where I want it I am putting the effort into it mainly online with my mates, we are all pretty quick so makes for some close racing, so here are a few of my recent videos, C&C welcome.

My rig, not that special but runs at a nice 70-80fps with 20 odd cars, weather can hit it to 50's but still good and I like the eye candy so I have everything on High and all FX on, shadows low, no blur, no grass on an FX8320 stock, 16GB Viper Black Mamba 2400 @ 1866, Zotac GTX 770 2GB, Gigabyte 990FX UD3 Mobo, Antec HCG 900, built on the cheap and my 7 year old G25.

Only problem I have is the trees draw distance in the rear view disappear on long distances like Bathhurst, you can see this in a couple of vids.



18-06-2015, 15:39

I have one also, im new to it too.