View Full Version : GUI for FFB parameters buggy and not adjustable fine enough

17-06-2015, 21:02
I have a Fanatec GT3 RS V2 with patch 1.4 installed and have too much clipping with Jack Spades ffb settings (but this seems to be a bug on pc too!?)

Anyway: because of that I wanted to learn things myself and tried to step through the FFB Guide here and struggled on step 2/C (the first):

I set Per Wheel Movement to -0.20 (because -0.19 is not possible on console) and Per Wheel Movement Squared to 0.10 and saved it, then went back again to check and they both seem correctly saved.

Then I tried the formula B at brands hatch gp (with turned of ffb master scale on car) but the wheel shaked like crazy and I had to quit the free race ASAP!

Then I went back to the Wheel FFB Settings and the Per Wheel Movement Squared has changed to 110 (??? it is wide out of range!) - and I think this caused the crazy shaking.

It seems not possible to set this Parameter permanently because of fuzzy adjustments in race! GUI BUG!

And by the way: PLEASE make it possible to set small steps like 0.01 on every parameter like on the PC on consoles too because some of the ffb Parameters need this fine steps. I'm waiting since release on a good setup for my wheel with low clipping and I fear that it will not be possible because of gui restrictions on consoles.