View Full Version : Things needed to finish the game (its true it isnt finished right?)

17-06-2015, 23:02
Setups, I Keep banging on about this one, the whole set up thing needs loads of work :-

Ability to load and save to local storage.
The ability to maybe share setups online (via websites like nogripracing, this forum, etc , or maybe even central storage. this needs to be on a track by track basis, I mean, GTR2 had this years ago.
The whole thing at the moment isnt working, setting up a car manually for each race takes ages. Its total madness, thinking back, even Grand Prix Legends had load and save !! Its 2015 isn't it ??!!!

Steering Wheel Support:-
The Project Cars shipped product support for most wheels is terrible. Thanks to guys on this forum I was able to sort my G25 out, but once again, I didn't have this kind of trouble with GTR1 or 2.

Going forward:-
DirectX12. Its been spoken of, this needs to happen. A lot of guys out there have weaker hardware than myself. DX12 is performance for free effectively, even on a couple of year old graphics setup. Even the Windows 8 boo boys will take Windows 10 because its free, the user base will be the largest single windows version since XP in a short period of time. It will be worth it. Cant wait to see Pcars on a 4K system running a AMD Fury X on DX12.

I intend to keep supporting this product by buying DLCs etc, but I need to know these things above will be addressed, we all like nice cars to drive and tracks added, but most importantly this setup system needs to be corrected.


17-06-2015, 23:04
This isn't the 1st thread about this believe it or not. Team is working on multiple things 'jaymondo'.

17-06-2015, 23:08
Good to know, "awaite85" , sooner the better.