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17-06-2015, 23:39
Hi all, i wonder if anyone can help me in how to tune a gear box to suit any track? It would be helpful if anyone uses a simple routine/method i can put into practice myself. At the moment i load the stock setup then adjust final drive until i max out on the longest straight whilst using DRS AND KERS. Then i drive abit and adjust the aero, mainly seem to be putting more and more aero onto to these formula a cars to be consistent and quick but i guess it doesnt really matter. Then im abit stuck, ive tried looking at the gear i use the most for a particular track and tweaking that until it gives me good grip and turn in etc. Then ill adjust the remaining gears (1,2,4,5,6) to the same amount of clicks ive moved my most used gear.

Any feedback would be great, i just feel im loosing time....
Thanks alot in advance!

18-06-2015, 00:07
Generally you'd set the highest and lowest gears for the fastest and slowest parts of the track. Then evenly space every gear inbetween.

For instance at Spa, you'd set top gear to max out at the end of the longest straight, and then set 1st up for the hairpin. Or maybe the bus stop chicane?

That's the way I've been doing it ever since I saw that advice in the user manual for Microprose's F1GP game in 1992 ish :)

18-06-2015, 10:03
Thankyou for the reply, i understand setting the 7th gear but the first im unsure of. What am i aiming to achieve with the gear? What do i want it to do....thankyou

18-06-2015, 14:07
I like to set top speed with final drive and 6th, balance that with aero.
But I try to use a low final drive value.
Don't always evenly space the gears - I set larger gaps between 1-2-3 then make smaller gaps between 4-5-6
Eg 1-2 0.8, 2-3 0.5, 3-4 0.3, 4-5 0.15, 5-6 0.1
Get me?
Low final drive allows for smaller gaps between gears. Smaller gaps keep the engine RPM more in the power band in high gears. haven't done enough drag races to prove this is faster.

Then I fine tune 2nd 3rd and 4th a click Left or right for a bit more traction and stability on corner exits, which is has more effect on high HP cars.

18-06-2015, 15:02
If there are any really slow first gear corners, I'll set it short (bigger number) for a quick launch for turbo cars.
Turbo cars can bog down (off boost) in 2nd gear on tracks with really slow corners eg last 2 turns at Spa, so 1st gear may be necessary. At Le Mans, with a high top speed set of ratios, it is also possible to bog down at the start line even if I launch at full revs (eg RWD P30 has bad turbo lag and the e-motor doesn't assist on 1st).

18-06-2015, 15:52
Thankyou mate for your detailed reply. I shall put this into effect tonight and work on my gearing!! Thanks again!!

18-06-2015, 16:51
cheers buddy
Also try Bubbs' method - ours are slightly different approaches. See which you feel more comfortable with.
Either approach will suit certain cars and tracks better.