View Full Version : Iconic car pack question.

331 LX
18-06-2015, 00:00
I've searched quite a bit on the site and I've come up short trying to find information on the latest pack. I have found out that it is for 'on demand' members or something of the sorts. Can I notnpersonally download this as I don't see it in the PS store?

I appreciate any guidance and please excuse me if I have completely missed something, as I figured I'd be able to download it separately.


TheReaper GT
18-06-2015, 00:02
PSN is acting weird on that front. If you go to the ps store website you will be able to buy the pack and than download on your console

18-06-2015, 00:04
I couldnt find it on my console either. Had to use the link below and purchase through the full website.


331 LX
18-06-2015, 00:09
Thanks for the quick reply!

Now I'm having issues with my wheel/pedals. When the game works in unity with the wheels it's fantastic but I've had quit a bit of issues, even after the patch.

Thanks again for the reply on the pack! Much appreciated!