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18-06-2015, 12:57
For everyone interested, I created some decals to get the PS4 buttons on the T300 GTE racing wheel.
If you are having problems remembering which button on the GTE is corresponding with which PS4 button, or if you just want to have somewhat the style of the T300 RS, this is your chance :)

I saw that someone offered decals to buy on ebay, but I wanted them a bit different so I created my own decals and like to share the PDF to print for everyone else, hope you like it.
They look like this:


Just print on adhesive paper, cut-out the four decals and stick them on your wheel.
Remember to print at 100% in size, otherwise the decals won't match.

Please let me know if I need to change anything, like making the symbols bigger or smaller.

Follow this link for the PDF file: Download (https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrmi195e98qzapz/T300GTE_Decals_Paths.pdf?dl=0)

18-06-2015, 13:32
Thank you for your effort! I'll give them a try next week :)!

18-06-2015, 15:04
Brilliant idea, I own the t300rs myself, might look in to the gte rim now, nice one.

18-06-2015, 15:19
Thanks. I have the T300RS, but plan to get the TM 28 leather rim, and I think that rim has the same buttons as the GTE.

25-06-2015, 15:02
Thanks very much.

By the way, what a waste the share button, when you need the touchpad button mapped!

26-06-2015, 07:10
Awesome dude! Yea I seen them on eBay for the TM LEATHER wheel but when I went to buy them there were no more. Your a life saver

26-06-2015, 13:13
Great job mate. Very handy, downloading and printing now.

29-12-2015, 17:05
Hi Lee,

I just registered so as I could leave you a huge thanks for pdf file of the ps4 decals.

I have the T300GTE wheel and it was driving me mad not knowing which buttons to press, of course I kind of got used to which was which but it's so nice to have some printed decals saying what the button mapping is, life saver, thank you very much, I really appreciate it !

I bought some self adhesive photo paper to print the decals and used a craft knife to cut out the shapes, hardest part was the circles, a metal protractor woulda been ideal with the right sized circle but with a steady hand and a black marker pen to black out the white edges the decals look really professional on my wheel.

Great job, and a HUGE thanks again for this !!

cheers, Daz from England.:cool: