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18-06-2015, 14:18
Hi everyone,

I'm currently organizing two PCars leagues on my website acespot.net. Races start at 9PM GMT, and last for approximately 90 minutes (30min. practice, 15 min. quali, 45min. race). Season consists of 8 races. Because it's a new website and new leagues our racing community is small, however you'll find that most of us are well-mannered, friendly and clean drivers.

GT4 (Tuesdays): http://www.acespot.net/project-cars/gt4
Formula B (Thursdays): http://www.acespot.net/project-cars/formula-b

These links contain a 'Register' button. Once you register yourself please wait up 24 hours for it to be processed.

For both leagues race 1 already has been completed. For GT4, our turnout last Tuesday was 16 drivers. For Formula B our turnout last week Thursday was 10 drivers.

18-06-2015, 14:40
hey there...

just signed up to your site... looking Forward to see some organised racing... would prefer GT4 īcause i donīt like formulas

18-06-2015, 14:50
dont mind gettin in :)

i can probably share some good setups :).

18-06-2015, 16:19
Just signed up,
Looking forward racing

P.s. 21:00 GMT, so 23:00 Amsterdam time right :)?