View Full Version : How many more races to I have to win to get the "To Affinity and Beyond" trophy?

18-06-2015, 19:39
The only racing class I don't have an affinity higher than 50% are the Formula Cars.. I have currently entered 175 races and won 71, but how many more races do I have to win to get the trophy?

18-06-2015, 19:44
IIRC you need an affinity of at least 50% which means that from 200 races you must win at least 100. Basically just won the next 30 races and you're good.

18-06-2015, 19:45
So I have to win about 30 more races?

19-06-2015, 09:33
By winning the next 33 races you will have entered 208 races and won 104 out of them, which is exactly 50%. Maybe you will even need to win 34 races to actually be above 50% :)
Please have in mind that there is a bug at the moment which also counts practice and qualifying sessions as races entered, so be sure to only drive races otherwise it will ruin your statistics and it takes even longer.

26-04-2016, 14:33
for you maths fiends to check... how many races do I need to complete to get the affinity to 50% ?

x= number of races to complete
t=total races already competed in
w=races already won

formula: x=t-2w

so for example 34 races, 10 won (about 30% affinity)...

x= 34 - (2x10) I would need to race another 14 races and win them all to get to 50% affinity