View Full Version : newest patch killed the game for me...

18-06-2015, 19:45
Not sure what the version is, but just released a day or 2 ago...

Anyone else, have a problem with the game locking up after qualification, every single time when you try and "end session"... I had absolutely no tech issues with this game on XB1 before the latest update, love it and been playing the career mode since MP on XB1 is ridiculous, no game/race browser... no tech issues at all just a few gameplay issues that needed to be tuned... but now I can't continue past Qualification sessions... sucks, I play 2 or 3 full weekend races a day with this game. Now what to do. ;)



18-06-2015, 19:47
This has been reported a lot, can't you just use time acceleration as a temporary workaround (if you don't want the whole qualifying in real time)?

18-06-2015, 20:38
I haven't seen this problem. Is it possible to replicate on any track, with any car, any conditions etc? I would like to test it but as I say I haven't seen it....

18-06-2015, 20:41
I wouldn't say it's killed the game, just patching some of the things that needed doing had opened up different bugs, it's a slow but steady process, I'm just enjoying what I can atm as I'd like to learn the game a lot more