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18-06-2015, 19:58
OK, I admit, i play with limited settings (set to real), i'm not hard core, i'm not fast enough or stupid enough to think racing without the stuff your car is given, i should ignore it, BUT online, if my default is set as 'real' or no stability , yet the server is set at all assists..well, i suffer, because the server doesnt automatically put me on the same lvl, now you could say ..just leave or teach those mofo's, but in rl it doesnt happen that way, imho, once the server is set it should put everyone on the same server settings regardless of your personal settings, at least everyone races equal then
The REAL problem is, you are not given enough details before you join a server, you join u wait 10mins whilst it slooowly scrolls through, and you think...erm yeah , that bit was ok...just scroll through once more so i can recheck the settings